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Meet Mongoose.

Hello. We make conversational software exclusively for higher education.

All-in on higher ed

Since day one, Mongoose has focused on helping colleges and universities streamline communication with constituents and enhance relationships throughout the student lifecycle. Since higher education is our one-and-only market, you get 100% of our energy, attention, and expertise.

Speaking of experience, our management personnel have worked in higher ed – on both client and vendor sides – for an average of 17 years. So we understand your challenges, and can coach you on proven best practices to improve your communication and reach your goals.


The leader in conversational software

Even in today’s digital world, an authentic conversation can be profoundly powerful. Based on this belief, and aided by cutting-edge technology, our software enables you to talk with (not to) your constituents.

Whether you use Cadence or Harmony (or both), you can count on our products to:

  • Be intuitively designed and exceptionally easy to use
  • Provide the optimal balance of automation and personalization
  • Simultaneously integrate with popular higher education information systems, aligning with the way your campus is already doing business
  • Be backed by knowledgeable teams that provide unparalleled support and service

Over 500 institutions use Mongoose software to engage with students, parents, alumni, and other audiences. And in doing so, achieve remarkable outcomes.


More than software

At Mongoose, we feel our job isn’t just to make the tool. It’s also to teach you how to use it to its fullest potential. That’s why we create and publish conversational marketing resources such as industry insights, webinars, case studies, and best practices for our clients and the higher ed community as a whole.




Dave Marshall

President & Product Manager

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who is more passionate about higher education communication than Dave. His desire to create out-of-the-box solutions while employing an under-the-radar approach is evident in Mongoose’s innovative and intuitive software.


Andrew Veatch

Vice President, Engineering

Andrew is responsible for technology and product architecture at Mongoose, and couldn’t be more excited to be helping institutions optimize their communication. He has spent nearly his entire career in higher education technology.

Leslie headshot

Leslie Skwara

Vice President, Operations

While the financial responsibilities of the company lie in Leslie’s hands (no pressure), her role with the company cannot be restrained by a mere bio. Think “lifeblood.” From operations and accounting to contracts and Client Love, Leslie is holding the reins of a rocket ship heading to the moon. And, she does it all while basking in our gratitude and admiration.

Jason headshot

Jason Pearl

Vice President, Sales

A strategy is nothing without experience. Luckily, Jason has a resume of success that reads like Thurman Thomas’ Wikipedia page. As resilient as he is ethical (highly), Jason's core focus is to direct and drive fast-paced systematic growth of our software platform by helping colleges and universities effectively connect with their constituents. (Cliff notes version: he’s here to help!) It’s a great way to spend the day until he gets home to what really matters.

Jessica headshot

Jessica Schimert

Vice President, People

If your business is to flourish, the individuals who run your business must experience professional growth. That is where Jessica J. Schimert, M.B.A, M.S. comes in. Jessica is the VP of People at Mongoose, responsible for developing our family and making sure we’re leading with our strengths. With a list of accolades and accomplishments so long, we’d need a stenographer to type them out, Jessica is passionate about taking our team to the next level.

Amanda Headshot

Amanda Torrelli

Director, Client Success

Amanda Torrelli is the Director of Client Success at Mongoose, where she has built an impressive track record of success in helping colleges and universities connect with their constituents. In the five years Amanda has been with Mongoose, she has found the most effective ways for staff to have authentic conversations with students, helping them reach their goals.




Otto Bot


Greg Bauch

Content Specialist

Kim headshot

Kim Bratek

Content Marketing Specialist

Kellie headshot

Kellie Brozyna

Office Manager


Erin Carr

Client Success Lead


Jon Caruso

Director, Product Support

Nick headshot

Nick Cox

UX Developer


Sophia Dao

UX Developer

Joseph headshot

Joseph Dragonette

Sales Development Representative


Sara Dziadaszek

Graphic Designer


Nick Forysinski

Lead Software Developer


Taylor Fulton

Data Coordinator


Lacy Gowiski

Director, Partner Business Development


Caleb Haynes

Client Success Lead


Jennifer Hillman

CRM Manager


Lauren Jaeger

Sales Director


Leanna Jividen

Contract and Invoicing Coordinator


Connor Joyce

Sales Development Representative


Alex Keppel

Client Success Lead


Amy Kilpatrick

Product Manager

Jacob headshot

Jacob Klos

Sales Development Representative


Mike Kochczynski

Assistant Director, Client Success


Shana Kus

Product Manager, Services


Ashley Levulis

Client Support Specialist

lauren headshot

Lauren Mack

Product Marketing Manager, Cadence


Lindsay Maurer

Sales Director


Jeff Meece

Sales Director


Brandon Meredyk

Software Developer


Lena Militello

Client Success Lead


Mike O'Mara

Client Success Lead


Amber Rich, EdD

Sales Director


Marcia Rich

User Experience Specialist

Alexis headshot

Alexis Scriven

Implementation Specialist

Meredith headshot

Meredith Shaul

Implementation Specialist

Jess headshot

Jess Skwara

Office Coordinator

Gary headshot

Gary Steltermann

Implementation Specialist


Juliet Talarico

Client Success Lead


Mark Taylor

Lead UX Developer

Kelsey headshot

Kelsey Walbesser

Client Success Lead


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