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Advisory Board

Communicating with students, alumni, donors, and constituents, in general, is a real problem in higher education. It is a problem that exists in a market that is already quite challenged.

Our Objective

We want Cadence to be the ubiquitous solution for messaging for the business-side of Higher Education. And we want to do this while providing real value to institutions and remain financially and competitively healthy.

By removing the friction in the relationship that exists between students (constituents) and institutions, we can facilitate free and easy communication through all aspects of the life cycle.

Mongoose wants to help institutions without making it necessary to purchase a texting platform. We are already doing this (trying our best to do this) by offering free best practices, case studies, example communication plans, and texting templates.

Of course, we want to remain financially stable and profitable. We believe gone are the days of selling superfluous fluff based only on excitement. We have to legitimately add value and back it up with data.


Our Board


Jim Bouse

Director of Student Services & Enrollment Management Technology, and Associate Registrar for Technology at University of Oregon

Jim directs staff responsible for managing the technology infrastructure that supports student services and enrollment management, including enterprise content management, constituent relationship management, and electronic records systems. He is always on the lookout for new and interesting ways to utilize technology to further the goals of student services and enrollment management. More


Bret Ingerman

Vice President for Information Technology at Tallahassee Community College (TCC)

Bret serves as the chief information officer and as a member of TCC’s executive team. In this role, he is responsible for setting the vision and strategic direction for technology at the College. Information Technology supports all aspects of technology at TCC including computing, telecommunications, networking (both data and voice) and audiovisual, and supports all members of the TCC community in the use of technology to support and enhance teaching, learning, and administrative functions. More


Betsy Morrison

Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL)

Betsy has more than 15 years of higher education experience in the area of progressive enrollment management. She began her admissions career at her alma mater, Wartburg College (Iowa) where she worked in various roles within the admissions office for nearly a decade. After moving to Grand Rapids, Michigan, Betsy worked at Ross Medical Education Center where she lead a team of admissions representatives, financial aid coordinators, current students, instructors and career development coordinators. More


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