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The student communication crisis

2 min read

We've all heard it. Students do not answer phone calls or listen to voicemail. Many do not even have voicemail set-up. They also sparingly use email. It is hard to blame them. A college bound high school senior can receive hundreds of emails per day. And for current students - institutional email boxes are flooded with irrelevant messages.

Leaving them voicemail is considered rude and email is for old people.

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This trend is by no means new. But it is getting worse. To the point where it is reasonable to refer to it as a crisis. As a vendor who works exclusively with higher education institutions to help them better reach students - we hear it everyday.

"Our financial aid advisors wait outside of classrooms as a last ditch effort to get paperwork completed."

"20% of our students did not register for classes this semester."

"We have no idea how many of our incomplete application files are even interested."

"We had a recruiter on campus and only two of their interviews showed up."

A few years ago this trend was happening - but it was more of a funny thing to talk about. Now, it's not a joking matter.  It's affecting little things like:

- enrollment yield
- net revenue
- graduation rates
- career placement percentages

It's time to stop complaining and start reacting. It has been widely documented that students prefer texting as their primary form of communication. Some of the more progressive institutions are already moving to texting and are reaping the rewards. Take, for example, the University Business case study on Carroll University.

Texting revolutionizes the student communication game
Carroll University uses Cadence to personalize communications

If you plan on implementing texting for the enterprise, we highly recommend you are thoughtful about allowing students to manage texting preferences.  We are higher-education's preferred provider and are 100% focused on helping our clients text with their students.  If your institution is struggling with student communication - contact us - we would love to help, or download our free template.

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