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[Free Template] Text Messaging Policy for Your Campus

There’s no question about it: Text messaging is the most effective way to reach students. But does that mean you should dive in head first - and text students about this, that, and the other thing?

Not so fast.

Texting is a medium, where students are extremely responsive and never need to 'clean up' or 'filter' their messages (because there’s no spam to clear in the first place).

So what are the ground rules?

Give the power to text to few. Choose the few wisely. And always, always, always make sure there is an actionable and timely purpose for sending a text. If there’s not, students could develop a dismissive attitude toward you and your texts.

To get started, download our free non-emergency Text Messaging Policy Template for your campus:


Use it as your baseline, make it your own, publish, and edit as necessary. Every campus is different. You must create and abide by your own rules.

For Mongoose, this is a big win

Adding to a powerhouse staff, Mongoose has hired Jeff Meece as Vice President, Strategy. With more than 23 years of enrollment management experience, most recently as the Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management at Columbia College Chicago. He specializes in helping institutions be strategic with their communications. Along with his new role with Mongoose, Jeff will continue as an associate consultant with Ruffalo Noel Levitz, an industry leader in enrollment management, student success, and fundraising management.

“I think I would benefit more if a school took an interest in who I am today, rather than who I was when I was 20.”

A great conversation on advancement with Dr. Jay Dillon, founder of Alumni Identity. Jay talks with Mike about how institutions should change the way they think about and view alums and donors, and how that strategy has led to better results for USF and UCLA. (Plus, hear the best email subject line he’s ever used – 23% open rate!)

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