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3 relevant tips for higher ed texting through COVID-19

2 min read

Whether or not you use Cadence, Mongoose’s texting platform, is irrelevant right now. The critical situation on campuses across the country calls for solutions and collaboration.

With the help of our internal texting experts and from the many higher ed clients who’ve come to us with practical ways they’re using their texting platforms, we’ve started a running log of how texting constituents could be a smart thing to do for your college through this difficult time.

First question: Is it okay to text right now, you know, given the situation?

Answer: It is seemingly more important to text now than ever. Why wouldn’t it be okay?

While we feel it’s in your best interest to keep college students updated through relevant texts, we’re certainly willing to hear evidence of the contrary. The answer is “NO” if you’re planning to use a two-way texting platform to send out emergency notifications. There is a clear distinction between texting platforms and emergency alert systems. Read more about that here.

Next question: What are tips I could consider when texting right now?

Answer: We’ve compiled a list. See below!

1. Temporarily convert a Cadence Shared Inbox to a texting hotline for coronavirus-related inquiries and concerns.

text message that reads, "Hi Jessica, we are still working through this difficult situation. We have created a hotline you can text your questions to: 555-555-1234. Thank you for your patience while we figure this all out."

Giving your constituents one unified number for direct inquiries will keep things contained for your staff. But, it’s important to have staff prepared to triage and manage those incoming texts. 

You can share your texting number on your social channels, on your website homepage, and on any learning platforms or portal pages, via email, etc.

Home page sample with COVID-19 hotline number banner

2. Take advantage of your texting provider’s mobile app if you’re working remotely. 

Using a texting platform means you’re already set up for success to be able to log in remotely. Take your accessibility even further by ensuring you’ve downloaded the mobile app to handle text conversations on the go. This will give you another way to stay connected if you’re not in the office where you’re used to setting up shop and managing your inbox.

3. Set up an Out of Office message when you know you’ll be unreachable.

If you’re aware you’ll be out - coronavirus-related or not - consider setting up your Out of Office autoreply. Any incoming texts will be automatically met with a note that you’re unavailable, and best practices say to instruct your recipients on an alternative way to connect. 

Do you have other tips for texting to stay in touch? We’d love to hear so we can continue to build this resource. LET US KNOW


Do you have other tips for texting to stay in touch? We’d love to hear so we can continue to build this resource. LET US KNOW