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3 texting templates that ease student burnout

2 min read

The pressure of studies combined with the freight train of anxiety that comes with everyday life will cause many students to burn out. It’s your job to help students, but if they’ve reached their physical or emotional limit, there’s not a lot you can do.

Schools that engage with students and build relationships have a better chance of seeing the warning signs of burnout. Then, they can take steps to ease down that needle on the college pressure cooker. A simple text message sent at a crucial touchpoint can go a long way. 

“What have I gotten myself into?”

High school is to college as pond fishing is to reeling in a marlin. It’s a big jump and plenty of students feel overwhelmed their first week of school. 

A light-hearted check-in text like this will let students know someone cares about how they’re feeling. It could also spark an important conversation.

text example first week of classes

“Can I do this?”

A hypothetical scenario that very much happens every day: You’re a student. It’s May 1st and finals are approaching. Deadlines await like lions at a watering hole. Your boss just increased your shift load for the week. Confidence is low. Would this text message be a welcome sight?

text example finals week

A check-in text with students sent a few weeks before midterms or finals is a great way to get a gauge of their well-being. If a student receives that text and isn’t feeling great about where they’re at, they can respond to the offer of help. It might just be the lifeline they need to get through a tough stretch.

“Where do I even go if I need help?”

That busy schedule of juggling school and life? It doesn’t give students a lot of opportunities to seek out help if they need it. Your school might have wonderful resources available, but most students won’t scavenge your website seeking them out. You know your academic calendar better than anyone, so determine when might be a good time to send out a text like this.


Holiday greetings and “Friday!” gifs are adorable, but students want genuine help. They might not respond to your text, but they will read it. Just knowing help is available is a stress reducer. If you use texting correctly, you could really make a difference in easing student burnout.  

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