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6 Texting Templates To Start a Conversation

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Mongoose works with over 750 colleges and universities, and staff members across the country have told us that one of their favorite features offered in our engagement platform, Cadence, is the ability to create texting templates. 

Texting templates save staff time by allowing them to use pre-written messages for different campaigns. Templates take on-the-spot thinking out of a communication strategy, ensuring institutions are always on-message with their texts.

We asked institutions to send us some of their most successful  templated messages to use at the start of a semester, for event reminders, or really whenever. Here are some of our favorites: 

  1. A Template to Introduce Yourself

"Congrats on your first semester at <SCHOOL NAME>! This is <STAFF NAME> from (Department Name), and I’ll be sending messages once a week with info on important deadlines, student resources, and upcoming events. You can reach me at this number if you have any questions. Reply STOP to opt out of our messages."

By establishing what types of texts your department plans to send and how often you’ll send them, you ensure that your texts will be a welcome sight in their inbox. This university’s introductory text also lets students know that there’s an actual person on the other side of the phone. Also, this texting template follows the best practice of giving contacts the option to opt out of future messages from your department.

  1. A Template to Make Yourself Available to Prospective Students

“Hello! My name is <STAFF NAME>, and I am your Admissions Counselor at <SCHOOL>. I am here to help with any questions you may have as you navigate your college search. I will be at your HS on <DAY AND TIME>. I'd love to meet you & talk to you more about your college plans.”

It cannot be overstated how important it is to remind prospective students of the resources available to them, and that includes someone to answer their questions. This college makes a connection with prospective students early in the search process, which increases their chances of having that student choose to attend their institution.

3. A Template That Asks Questions and Sparks Engagement

“Hello <STUDENT NAME>, this is <STAFF NAME>. Are you planning on attending our event tomorrow night in <LOCATION>? Please reply Yes or No. We hope to see you there!”

If YES, then reply:
“Great! Please register here: LINK

If NO, then reply:
“Sorry to hear that. We will miss you!”

A text like this accomplishes a number of things - the message helps students through the process of finding a resource, it reminds students the resource exists, and it establishes that a student can reach out with any questions. With the Smart Message feature in Cadence, a response is sent automatically to a student when they supply a “yes” or “no” response. Whether or not a student needs help at the time the text is sent, they’re more likely to respond if prompted with a “yes or no” question.

  1. A Template to Gauge Interest

    “Hey <FIRST NAME>! It's <STAFF NAME> from <SCHOOL> Admissions. I wanted to give you a heads up that our application is LIVE and FREE! Please let me know if you have any questions, I'm here to help. Just curious, how are you feeling about applying to out-of-state colleges?”

Prospective students will be receiving texts and emails from multiple schools, so it’s important to establish a conversation that puts your institution top-of-mind. This text does a great job of informing students about a task while also gauging their interest in their institution. If an admissions counselor receives a response that a student isn’t interested, they can focus their efforts on students who are.

  1. A Template to Remind Students

“Hi, <STUDENT NAME>. Don’t forget, you are registered for <EVENT>, scheduled at <TIME> on <DATE> in <LOCATION>. When you arrive, proceed to <ROOM #>. We’ve included more information for you via email.”

Just like you, students need reminders. It’s not uncommon for schools to send more than one reminder of an event to ensure a good turnout. This particular text, which was used by more than one school who responded to our inquiry, also includes a nudge for students to check email. The more channels you use to connect with students, the higher your engagement rate will be.

  1. Template to Express Gratitude for Alumni

“Hello <FIRST NAME>, we wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your support in our <CAMPAIGN NAME>. Your contribution helped us accomplish <OBJECTIVE>, and you can see the results of your support here <LINK TO LANDING PAGE>. You rock!”

Building a relationship with alumni is a year-round effort. When it comes to fundraising, you cannot simply send a text on Giving Day and expect support. This institution sends a quick, appreciative text to their alumni to remind them why their support matters. It goes a long way to establishing good will and trust.

Texting Templates Are Powerful Tools

When you plan your communications ahead of time and rely on messages that have proven to be effective, you eliminate mistakes and help more students and alumni. 

Looking for more texting templates? Mongoose has a variety of templates you can use in admissions, student success, advancement, and more. Download them here!