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A higher ed chatbot that integrates with your calendar

2 min read

How many of your email threads look something like this?

Advisor: Are you free tomorrow after 2:00 PM?

Student: No, unfortunately. Are you free Thursday morning?

Advisor: I’m not. What about Friday after 9:30 or before 11?

Student: I have class. What about…?

Look familiar?

An article by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) explains that Generation Z students want one-on-one interactions when looking to choose a college to attend. 

The article goes on to say that instead of talking at them, authentic two-way conversations are the preferred way college students want to receive information, and these conversations have a lot of influence on their enrollment decision-making process. No doubt, the same can be said for the Gen Z students that are currently enrolled at your institution.

Finding availability for meetings between students and advisors or counselors can be difficult. Everyone is busy - classes, homework, sports, family, jobs, the list goes on. 

End the dance of finding a meeting time that works for everyone with Harmony, the chatbot for colleges and universities. 

Harmony offers direct calendar integration with Office365 or Google Calendar, which means visitors to your website can book meetings with advisors, counselors, and other staff in real-time without the assistance of a human. This integration prevents staff from being double-booked, avoiding the “I need to reschedule” emails as well. 

harmony chatbot book meeting GIF

Staff users can set conditions and preferences as to when meetings will be offered and when they can be booked (because no one wants a meeting at 4:45 on a Friday), including available days, available blocks of time, how soon an appointment can be scheduled, and whether it will be in-person or virtual.

When visitors are interacting with Harmony on your website, they simply select the meeting date and time that works best for them. Staff members will have the transcript of the conversation that the visitor had with the bot before booking the meeting. When the meeting is scheduled, both parties also receive an invite with the meeting details, including Zoom links, call-in information, and any notes.

This unique functionality can be used across campus - registering families for private tours and counselor interviews, setting up appointments for current students with mental health counselors or tutors, even allowing faculty to meet with HR or IT support. Why use valuable staff time to coordinate meetings when a friendly, intelligent and completely customizable bot can handle it for you?

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