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What our partner colleges and universities are reading

2 min read

Best Practices for Reaching Young Alumni

The moment students walk across that stage to accept a diploma, they’re alumni....

4 min read

Increase Donor Participation By Building Your Alumni Community

What comes first, the message or the audience?

The more engaged your audience...

3 min read

Cornell University's Secret Sauce for Higher Ed Marketing

If your institution’s marketing team sends out an email, is the goal to have...

6 min read

How to Plan Successful Engagement Campaigns

Many higher ed professionals run student engagement campaigns, but most are...

6 min read

Opt-In Best Practices for Higher Ed Texting

Best practices indicate that message senders should gain contact consent and...

5 min read

How to Text Students, Alumni and Parents Without Breaking Privacy Laws

You already manage student privacy when it comes to emails, phone calls and...

5 min read

8 Giving Day Strategies that Drive Results

Planning a Giving Day this spring semester? Looking for new ways to engage with...

5 min read

Modern Giving Day Strategies

Spring is right around the corner, which most likely means your institution has...

4 min read

Reaching Community College Students

It’s no secret: Community colleges have borne the brunt of enrollment fallouts...

3 min read

The Modern Framework to Higher Ed Budget Planning

Year after year, colleges and universities are expected to meet loftier goals...

3 min read

The Legalities of Texting in 2022: What You Need to Know

Texting is by far the preferred communication channel for college students, but...

4 min read

When, How, and How Often to Text for Higher Ed

“When is the best time to text students?” “How often should our school use...

4 min read

Using 2-Way Texting to Reach Giving Day Goals

Colleges across the country are preparing for Giving Day but there are plenty...

3 min read

3 ways to reach your loftiest fundraising goals with texting

No pressure, Advancement teams! Just reach all of your fundraising goals during...

2 min read

Best practices for advancement departments during COVID

What should advancement teams do as a crisis reemerges?

The Delta variant of...

6 min read

6 smart uses of texting in advancement

It’s likely that you won’t answer your phone when it rings, but if your phone...

3 min read

Texting and the evolution of higher ed fundraising

RNL clients have raised millions of dollars using texting and RNL's remote...

3 min read

4 texts you should be sending alumni - that don’t ask for money

Alumni engagement goes well beyond writing checks.

This past year has been...

2 min read

High Speed Sending streamlines Advancement efforts

Fast text delivery and quicker responses will raise efficiencies 


2 min read

4 ways to engage alumni through a virtual homecoming

When you think of a college homecoming weekend, what are the first things that...

3 min read

Communicating with parents, high school counselors, employers & media

If your communication strategy only includes texting your student population,...

3 min read

Reducing summer melt for graduate students

Students all over the country are currently making the tough choice to change...

2 min read

Improving advancement and stewardship in remote times

Advancement teams across the country are challenged with developing ways to...

1 min read

The importance of two-way texting in donor engagement during COVID-19

Recently, our partners at Ruffalo Noel Levitz (RNL) conducted a discussion with...

5 min read

The key to fundraising is them, not you

For some, fundraising conjures images of drum rolls and giant check ceremonies,...

2 min read

A guide to writing uncomfortable messages

Hint: Don’t pretend you’re the person who just retired

People go on vacation....

1 min read

Talk about money, and raise more with Lori L. Jacobwith

“That story we share has to cause me to feel some empathy. It could be...

1 min read

Better fundraising through storytelling with Brian Gawor

“There’s a huge risk in asking people for anything. But why wouldn’t we take...

3 min read

Why do alumni support their alma mater?

Answering this question is key to donor acquisition and retention. 

While your...

1 min read

UNC Charlotte recognized for annual giving text campaign

When a school from the Mongoose family does well, we’re more than excited to...

1 min read

Re-imagining advancement

When alums know they can make an impact, they’re more likely to get involved...

31 min read

Changing the way we think about advancement and alumni identity

“I think I would benefit more if a school took an interest in who I am today,...

4 min read

Best practices for texting in advancement

The same communications platform that has proven successful for recruiting and...

1 min read

Legalities of texting alumni

It IS legal for non-profits to text alumni and donors

In 2012, the Federal...

28 min read

Texting in advancement: Best practices and new opportunities

In this free, 45-minute webinar, learn how advancement professionals from UNC...


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