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Are your students unaware of available resources? Study reveals 50% are...

2 min read

A study by EDUCAUSE Research shows that 50% of the students surveyed say they are not aware of student success tools at their institution. The study also says that students generally want their institution to use technology to help them achieve their goals.

This makes sense - walk into any building on any given college campus and you’ll see nearly every student on their phone or a computer. You need to meet them where they are to help in the most efficient way possible. 

So, you talk to your web person and make sure that all of the services and resources you offer are on your website. Perfect, right? 

Not exactly. Have you seen the amount of information on your school’s website? Students can easily get lost or frustrated. They’ll either give up looking or flood your student success centers with the same questions over and over. 

Listing the services you offer to students on your website is definitely a step in the right direction. Having Harmony live on your website takes things to the next level.

A virtual assistant like Harmony can educate current students about the services your school offers

Once their student type is identified, Harmony presents a menu of the typical resources that students like them look for. 

Not only will Harmony educate on what services are available, but it will also guide them directly to those resources, explain the benefits, and encourage finding the answer on their own, which reduces call and email volume. This saves your staff valuable time that can be used to help students with truly unique situations and for other high-priority tasks. 

harmony chatbot conversations

Harmony goes even further with its live chat and meeting booking features. Sometimes students have super-specific questions and actually need or want to speak with someone directly. The live chat function allows your staff to monitor conversations as they’re happening on your site, and jump in either proactively or whenever a student raises their hand for extra help. With the native calendar integration, a student can book a meeting with the right staff member to discuss their options or concerns further. 

Harmony also remembers past visitor information, such as their intended graduation year or what program they’re in. Using this data, Harmony can give little nudges and reminders for essential actions they need to take. For example, if a senior interacts with Harmony, it can give them a reminder to register for graduation this spring. In another instance, it may ask if a first-year student has spoken with their advisor to register for classes next semester. 

Your college or university has put so much into the student experience; don’t let these valuable resources go unnoticed! With a chatbot like Harmony at the ready to guide students through processes and provide the information they need, you can help current students better reach their goals.

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