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Mongoose and The Chronicle of Higher Education: Belonging, Trust and the Student Journey

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For college students, feeling a sense of trust and belonging on campus are critical components of the student journey. When students feel secure and connected to their university, they are happier and more engaged on campus––both inside and outside of the classroom. 


How can colleges instill a sense of trust in their institutions and create an environment where all students feel like they belong?

Mongoose partnered with The Chronicle of Higher Education to host a Virtual Forum, “Belonging, Trust, and the Student Journey”. Hear directly from higher ed minds about how institutions like yours can better serve students. 

Tune in to the recording to gain insight into the important questions weighing on higher ed leaders' minds:

1. How are students recovering from the sense of disengagement they felt during the pandemic?

2. What are the elements that help students feel trust in their campus and like they fit in, particularly for groups of students who say they don’t feel as welcome on campus?

3. What goes into a successful campus climate and what can colleges do to foster a sense of belonging?


Belonging, Trust, and The Student Journey: Watch The Full Forum