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Cadence Features Our Clients Love

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Cadence, our engagement platform, is a powerful tool that connects colleges and universities with their audiences. Like any tool, it can be mastered. 

To make sure schools get the most out of Cadence Text, our dedicated team at Mongoose will take them step-by-step through the many texting features offered in our engagement platform.

We asked some of the 750+ institutions we work about their favorite texting features and how they use them. Here’s what they said:

Segments Keep Communications Organized

Not every text is intended for every student. To effectively reach your audience, you need to differentiate your recipients. Otherwise people will be annoyed by irrelevant messages and opt out of your texts. The Campaigns feature allows you to organize and keep track of your texts.

“My favorite Cadence feature is definitely segments. It helps us organize the students in our program so that we can best tailor our communications to the different needs of our freshmen, seniors, Spanish- or other language-speaking contacts, parents/family members of our students, and affiliated staff members.” Administrative Assistant at a 4-year University

Reporting is also an important feature in Cadence. The more schools use metrics to shape their communications strategy, the more time they save in the long run. Metrics such as reply rate, delivery rate, opt-out changes, and undelivered messages help higher ed teams focus on the students and alumni they can help.

Scheduling Messages Reduces Stress

Time flies when you’re having fun, so it’s a good idea to keep tabs on that academic calendar at all times. Cadence allows you to craft text messages and then schedule them to be sent at another time. This way, you can concentrate on your campaigns when you have the time and not feel rushed to be brilliant and engaging on the day the messages are due to go out. Messages can even be edited after they’ve been scheduled, in case details have changed before they are due to be sent.

“With scheduled texts, I will review my new leads first thing in the morning. As I'm often in before 8am, I don't send texts that early. So, I will queue up all the appropriate messages to be sent mid-morning and then go about my other activities and then start seeing replies coming in around 10am. - Senior Admissions Advisor at a Technical College


Effective Use of Smart Messages and Automation

Smart messages are texts that include a yes or no question. Depending on whether a recipient answers “yes” or “no” to a text, they’ll automatically get a pre-determined response (that you’ve pre-written). This allows staff to send out texts without having to worry about being present to respond immediately. Smart messages also optimize and prioritize which students staff members need to respond to based on their responses. It’s the best of both worlds.

“Smart Messages allow us to provide robust, drilled down information relevant to students needs while saving us the time and effort of manually sending general responses. I love that we can have it both ways - students can get information they need quickly without having to wait for a personalized response, but can also reply to speak with a live team member for those trickier situations!” - Tuition Services Specialist at a Community College

Templates Save Staff Time

Crafting text messages to send to students and alumni can be time consuming. You never want to wait until the last minute to decide what to say and how to say it. Creating Templates in Cadence is one of our most popular features. Templates allow schools to use pre-loaded templates as a guide to create messages with a click of a button. Templates can be created and stored for use in any situation, for any department.

“We absolutely cannot live without the ability to create and save texting templates! It saves us so much time by finding what we've sent before, tweaking it as needed, and sending it out to our students. It makes everything go faster and keeps some consistency!” - Financial Services Officer at a 4-year institution

We have an extensive library of texting templates for almost every texting scenario imaginable, for every department on campus. It’s one of the added benefits of sitting at the ‘Cool kids’ table with Mongoose.

Integrations Improve Your Investment

Your CRM or SIS is a super-charged communication machine! The more your department is able to integrate your tools with your CRM, the more you’ll get out of your investment. Cadence allows for multiple data integration options, which makes your data even more valuable. 

“Keeping a complete communication history helps so much, as recruiters and other staff can see what the student has asked and what response was given. The new integration of Cadence with Ellucian Recruit has been a game changer for our Admission Office!” - Coordinator of CRM Services at a 4-year College

Everyone Loves MMS Messages

Are you excited or are you ‘SNL’s Kristen Wigg’ excited? At Mongoose, we find that recipients of all ages respond to Multimedia GIFs, and emojis. If an occasion calls for a light-hearted message, an emoji, GIF, or image can be the perfect addition to a text to break the ice and encourage engagement.

“My favorite feature is the ability to add GIFs! As an admissions counselor, I see the difference in the response of students, once you talk in their language. The emojis are a close second, but I think it helps connect us to the students!” - Admissions Counselor at a Private University

The text above is one of the most popular to use for colleges looking to start a conversation. Students might be reluctant to raise their hand to ask questions and might not feel that a text coming from a school is truly authentic. The little bit of character and personality transforms a text into a thoughtful message from a fellow human.

Aside from the many wonderful features used for texting in Cadence, there are plenty of reason our clients love using this engagement platform.

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