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Collect leads directly from your website

2 min read

Students are already coming directly to your website to learn more about your institution and your programs - they might as well be knocking on your office door. So wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible for prospective students on your website to give you the information you need? 

Most schools will throw a Request For Information (RFI) form on a page and call it a day. But, have you checked the form’s completion percentage or drop-off rate lately?

Stop scaring students away with forms - get the info you need through a chatbot

While 76% of students will start an online inquiry on a school’s website, 40% of them will drop off early because it asked for too much information, according to 2019 research by Ruffalo Noel Levitz. 

So how can you easily collect important information from potential students online without being too intrusive?

Harmony, the chatbot designed for colleges and universities, does it all. 

Our virtual assistant gathers the all-important lead information from your site visitors through an engaging and conversational exchange - something a basic chatbot just can’t do. 

This less daunting experience sets clear expectations with the student about what will happen next. Interacting directly with your site visitors makes them more willing to give additional information, too - more than if you just slapped a long form in their face.

The type of visitor, as well as their name, email, mobile phone number, program of interest, student type, and even desired entry term, are all data points (among many others!) that Harmony is able to gather - all while answering questions that the visitor has about your school.  

harmony chatbot lead capture

The leads that are generated directly from your website are some of the most valuable in comparison to those that are purchased because, well, they’re free and you know the student is interested. By identifying site visitors along with the pages they viewed, institutions can understand what the visitors are looking for and target them with the right campaigns at the right time. Along with this targeting, you’ll be able to deliver personalized content for a more authentic interaction. 

Plus, Harmony integrates seamlessly with your campus CRM. Many of Mongoose’s clients utilize Harmony’s integration flexibility to map the data directly into their software of choice, including the contact information and even a transcript of the full conversation between the chatbot or staff member and the visitor. 

Once Harmony collects this data, it’s securely stored and remembered. Now those stealth visitors to your website are known and you can provide a more personalized experience when they return.  

Whether it’s completed apps, higher yield, improved retention, or higher giving amounts, Harmony can help your school achieve all their objectives and more. 

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