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What our partner colleges and universities are reading

2 min read

What Students Are Looking for on Your Website (And How to Make it Easier to Find)

According to RNL's 2021 E-Expectations Report, a college's website is the most...

3 min read

4 Hyper-Personalized Communication Tactics Other Schools Aren’t Using

Students can buy cars out of a vending machine in minutes. The pedestal on...

3 min read

How to improve online student engagement

Online and community college students are typically self-starters looking to...

3 min read

Why students think your school’s website is confusing (and how to fix it)

If you’ve ever worn a new outfit and walked by a group of teens at the mall,...

3 min read

Reaching more students with conversational marketing

Schools that provide students a better website experience will thrive.

Is your...

3 min read

Why your Mongoose CSL is your secret weapon

Mongoose Client Success will Miyagi you to the All Valley Tournament Texting...

1 min read

How North Idaho College’s website achieved a 96% self-service rate

North Idaho College has a wealth of resources and services for students...

2 min read

Are your students unaware of available resources? Study reveals 50% are...

A study by EDUCAUSE Research shows that 50% of the students surveyed say they...

2 min read

If you can imagine it, Harmony can integrate it

Harmony, the chatbot for colleges and universities, is designed to help...

2 min read

Improve your students' experiences with Harmony's guided conversations

Your school’s website serves multiple purposes for multiple people. Prospective...

2 min read

How to increase your school's website metrics with chatbot targeting and personalization

As a member of your school’s marketing communications and enrollment teams,...

2 min read

Collect leads directly from your website

Students are already coming directly to your website to learn more about your...

2 min read

A higher ed chatbot that integrates with your calendar

How many of your email threads look something like this?

Advisor: Are you free...

2 min read

Live chat vs. chatbot - Harmony does it all

Your college’s website is the number one source for information for prospective...

3 min read

Harmony hits all the higher education pain points

Every industry has its own issues that employees have to deal with on a daily...

3 min read

Harmony allows for authentic interactions in higher ed

An article by the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC)

4 min read

Mongoose values - who we are and why we do it

Values (noun-plural): principles that guide behavior and, ultimately, culture


2 min read

If time is money, Harmony makes you rich

How many times per day does your office phone ring or your email ding  with...

2 min read

Need leads? Harmony handles higher ed lead generation for you!

As much as 76% of students start an inquiry by filling out a form on a school’s...

2 min read

Why your college faculty should be texting students

Even the most organized, experienced, and diligent teacher cannot control their...

5 min read

How Harmony seamlessly integrates with your systems - Slate, CRMs, and more

Harmony is an intelligent virtual assistant that can be used in a variety of...

4 min read

The 4 types of chatbots you should know about

When a visitor comes to your college or university website, they’re usually...

2 min read

Guided chat flows: your website visitor’s path to success

Harmony isn’t your average chatbot - it’s an intelligent virtual guide.


2 min read

How an intelligent virtual assistant helps visitors accomplish tasks

Harmony, the intelligent chatbot from Mongoose, is a self-service technology...

2 min read

Create real conversations and get more out of your data with Harmony

An intelligent virtual assistant can help you capture valuable lead information...

2 min read

How an intelligent virtual assistant can help you meet retention goals

By easily helping students accomplish tasks, Harmony keeps them engaged...

2 min read

What can an intelligent virtual assistant do for your Admissions department?

Self-service technology like Harmony can help prospective students cross the...

2 min read

How is an intelligent virtual assistant different from a chatbot?

Spoiler: It does way more than a traditional chatbot.

A chatbot stands watch on...

1 min read

Does Harmony support other languages?

If your institution welcomes and supports students who speak a language other...

2 min read

How is Harmony maintained and updated?

A team of experts is ready to help you succeed.

Harmony, the intelligent,...

2 min read

Mongoose’s chatbot is THAT easy to install? Wow. Wow.

Harmony is a chatbot that is quick and easy to install, and it won't burden...

2 min read

How does Harmony improve over time?

Input and experience of higher ed professionals helps a chatbot perform at a...

2 min read

What is a chatbot playbook?

If your college is considering chatbot technology, one of the first things you...

2 min read

Does your college website pass the 10-minute tuition search challenge?

Recently, Akil Bello, the Senior Director of Advocacy and Advancement at...

3 min read

Is automation in higher education going to take my job?

Bots don’t replace humans, they help humans be more human.

The subject of...

6 min read

How a higher ed institution increased conversions by 518% with ChatBot

Visitors to higher education websites expect to find information or complete a...

2 min read

The difference between chatbots, AI and live chat

Does your college need a chatbot, AI or live chat?

These three terms are often...

2 min read

Top 5 reasons to have a chatbot on your college website

What happens when someone browses your school website outside of normal office...

1 min read

Why does your college need a texting communications plan?

Let’s say you decide to use texting as your primary means of communicating with...


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