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Create real conversations and get more out of your data with Harmony

2 min read

An intelligent virtual assistant can help you capture valuable lead information through customized interactions.

Your college’s website has a never-ending list of expectations to meet. It needs to attract prospective students and help them find critical application, financial aid, and student activities information to get your school in the running for consideration. Current students rely on your website to register for classes, set up meetings with professors or academic advisors, and apply for housing. And alumni visit your website to make donations, learn about homecoming and other celebrations, and keep up with the latest campus news.

Phew, that’s a lot.

When website visitors have questions during their search, it’s not always easy to determine which department to contact, let alone the correct individual in that department. Sure, a basic chatbot can be at the ready on your website to answer frequently asked questions when they arise, but a visitor can’t actually accomplish the task they came there to complete in the first place.

Enter Harmony - it’s more than a chatbot and built just for higher ed.

Tasks like checking your application status, registering for classes, and setting up a meeting with an academic advisor can’t be handled by a run-of-the-mill chatbot. While you might be able to type into a website’s search bar “how do I check my admission status,” you’ll only be given contact information of the person that can look up your application and give you an update.

But an intelligent virtual assistant like Harmony actually automates the task for you, saving staff countless hours of administrative work. So when you request an update on your application, it doesn’t give you a phone number to call. It pulls up your record on file and lets you know your application status and any missing items.

Not only can Harmony automate processes, but unlike a traditional chatbot, it can also capture valuable lead information so you can get the most out of your marketing and communications efforts. And it can do this while seamlessly integrating with your CRM or other systems.

See for yourself how an intelligent virtual assistant can help you create the best possible website experience.

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