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Does Harmony support other languages?

1 min read

If your institution welcomes and supports students who speak a language other than English, it makes sense that you’d want your website to offer the best possible user experience in any language. Harmony, the intelligent virtual assistant from Mongoose and powered by Drift, allows website visitors to engage in their preferred language without missing a beat.

How does Harmony support languages other than English?

Our Harmony team can work with you and your staff to determine the easiest way to set up your college or university to support multiple languages within our virtual assistant.

Multiple language support in Drift

When your school first implements Harmony, one primary language is chosen, typically American English. Your school has the option of choosing from 29 different languages. This will be the default language for the visitor-facing chat widget as well as the back-end staff interface. Browser language selection is supported within the interface, so staff who would prefer to interact in an alternative language may do so.

For your visitors, say you have two versions of your website - one in English and one in Spanish. When your web team installs Harmony, extra code will allow you to specify the language of the chat widget for those in-language pages.

Playbook content will have to be manually translated into various languages, either employing multiple playbooks for the same content or simply different paths within one playbook. Just like any other playbook, the Harmony team can build, maintain, and report on translated playbooks to optimize your bot and keep it performing at its best.

We can help!

If your occupation doesn’t call for in-depth knowledge of browser language and custom code, that’s okay! Not everyone is an IT wizard. Our friendly and tech-savvy Harmony team can take you step-by-step through the process to make sure your website is a regular C-3PO.

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