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Enhancing your brand experience with texting

How guiding constituents through every touch point can make all the difference

Would you consider this a higher ed success story?

Students scurry about a campus, smartphones in hand, comfortable, confident, and content knowing that their school is taking the necessary steps to address their problems and answer their questions.

It’s not a fairy tale - it’s texting.

An institution that can effectively reach its students will enjoy a more engaged, happier, and successful student base. And the story will spread across the land to anyone looking for a rewarding collegiate experience.

Fact: Students want to be texted.

While cell phones very much represent a personal space for students, students do want information. According to Inside Higher Ed, teens and prospective students both welcome and appreciate helpful text messages.

Asked what kinds of information they would like to receive from a college via text message:

  • 79% wanted application reminders
  • 71% wanted info on admission-related campus events
  • 64% said they’d like reminders about financial aid

A majority (55%) of teens, when asked how they’d like to be contacted by current students or admissions officers, said they’d like to be texted. Your communications shouldn’t stop after admissions. A little text here and there can guide a student throughout their lifecycle.

The right text is a helpful one.

The big question to ask before every text you send is, “Will this help the student?” Sending reminders to follow-up emails, requesting feedback from students after events, and following up on in-person meetings are just a few ways to meet a student’s needs and make a meaningful connection.

Want to learn more? Download this white paper containing an extensive look at texting across the enterprise, including valuable texting templates that will save your staff time and ensure your messaging is on point.

Free Guide - Improving your brand experience with texting

We are sometimes asked why it would make sense to add an additional tool to an existing admissions team when they already have so much on their plate.

Each year, admissions staffs across the country work hard to make their classes, only to find that enrollment number reduced due to summer melt. So what can a college do about high school graduates who change their minds about a school, or attending school altogether, even after depositing? Attention to detail is a strong ally in the fight against melt.

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