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What our partner colleges and universities are reading

4 min read

Utilizing Technology for Graduate Recruitment

Recruitment tools continue to evolve. What started with punch cards and simple...

3 min read

How Onondaga Community College Revolutionized Student Success with Texting

Community colleges and their students are faced with unique challenges. 


3 min read

Engaging Parents of First-Generation Students

It is no secret that parents play a big role in the college search process with...

6 min read

How to Plan Successful Engagement Campaigns

Many higher ed professionals run student engagement campaigns, but most are...

6 min read

New Text Opt-In Requirements for Higher Ed Texting

đź“Ł New Industry Standards for April 2022 đź“Ł

Industry-wide standards now require...

5 min read

How to Text Students, Alumni and Parents Without Breaking Privacy Laws

You already manage student privacy when it comes to emails, phone calls and...

5 min read

10 Best Practices for Texting Students

Before you send any text, ask yourself, “Is this valuable information for our...

5 min read

How East Tennessee State University Uses Data to Text Students

Personalizing your communications helps increase student engagement. The more...

2 min read

2021 Higher Ed Website Benchmarks

Colleges and universities spend the majority of their marketing budgets driving...

4 min read

Reaching Community College Students

It’s no secret: Community colleges have borne the brunt of enrollment fallouts...

6 min read

Higher Ed Trends to Watch in 2022

Higher ed has evolved dramatically in the past several years. Schools raced to...

3 min read

The Modern Framework to Higher Ed Budget Planning

Year after year, colleges and universities are expected to meet loftier goals...

3 min read

The Legalities of Texting in 2022: What You Need to Know

Texting is by far the preferred communication channel for college students, but...

4 min read

When, How, and How Often to Text for Higher Ed

“When is the best time to text students?” â€śHow often should our school use...

1 min read

What Students Want - Insights on the Future of Higher Ed

What do students want from your school?

You've got to ask them to get an answer.

2 min read

Challenges & Opportunities in Online Learning: Key Findings from University Leaders

A new study by Juji names student engagement and recruitment as top priorities...

3 min read

Recruiting First-Generation College Students

First-generation students are among the most highly sought in higher ed, and...

1 min read

Putting the “Community” into Community College When It's Needed Most

Two years ago, when the brutality of life was constantly jabbing away at our...

3 Influences on a Student’s College Decision

Some folks need 8 friends to convince them what to eat for lunch. Other people...

2 min read

How Do You Know That Students Actually Want to Receive Text Messages from You? Here’s Proof.

Your school is ready to text students but the question is: Are students ready...

12 min read

Communicating With Parents of Prospective Students

Parents are involved in the process of picking a college for more than 60% of...

2 min read

What Students Are Looking for on Your Website (And How to Make it Easier to Find)

According to RNL's 2021 E-Expectations Report, a college's website is the most...

3 min read

4 Hyper-Personalized Communication Tactics Other Schools Aren’t Using

Students can buy cars out of a vending machine in minutes. The pedestal on...

3 min read

How to improve online student engagement

Online and community college students are typically self-starters looking to...

2 min read

Reaching More Students with Conversational Marketing

Schools that provide students a better website experience will thrive.


2 min read

3 relevant tips for higher ed texting through COVID

Whether or not you use Cadence, Mongoose’s texting platform, is irrelevant...

2 min read

Staying connected with students if your campus closes

As COVID numbers continue to fluctuate with the Delta variant, the higher ed...

1 min read

Personality traits of parents of Gen Z students

“Helicopter” parents have landed

We call the parents of Gen Z students...

2 min read

How to Increase Student Engagement with Less Staff

With so many questions to be answered, forms to file, and inboxes to empty, it...

4 min read

4 ways to reduce melt you haven’t tried already

Why would a student choose a college to attend, pay a deposit, then change...

3 min read

5 benefits of using current students to text prospective students

There is value in authenticity - and students trust other students.

If your...

2 min read

Yield season: want to make your numbers?

Getting in touch with seniors is harder than AP Calculus.

Students screen...

1 min read

Texting with Cadence creates real ROI for Admissions departments

Meet prospective students where they are: their phones

Your Admissions team...

2 min read

Advance your institution's communications with Auto Reply

When the staff at your college or university sends a text, it’s only the...

3 min read

Communicating with parents, high school counselors, employers & media

If your communication strategy only includes texting your student population,...

2 min read

3 texting strategies proven to rekindle conversations with students

A prospective student showed interest, asked questions, and committed to...

2 min read

Texting nudges to supplement your college's communications strategy

While students prefer texting to phone calls and emails, you can never rely on...

3 min read

Preparing for the summer of COVID-related melt

While it’s always a concern for admissions teams that high school graduates...

6 min read

How a higher ed institution increased conversions by 518% with ChatBot

Visitors to higher education websites expect to find information or complete a...

2 min read

A guide to writing uncomfortable messages

Hint: Don’t pretend you’re the person who just retired

People go on vacation....

1 min read

We get to do this - caring in college admissions with Brennan Barnard

"The best way to help students manage the stress [of applying to schools] is...

2 min read

How Jacksonville State combined smart integration with automation

Jacksonville State University is a 4-year public institution that faced a...

1 min read

Some surprising statistics on "stealth fighter" parents

“You can look at the IP addresses. We can actually see 10-15% of the...

4 min read

Florida Southern College is in the relationship-building business

Like many schools, Florida Southern College (FSC) had declining enrollment...

2 min read

Four strategies to avoid melt

Each cycle, admissions staffs across the country work hard to make their...

1 min read

Get more graduate recruits with text messaging

The number of jobs requiring a graduate degree has increased by over 300%...

1 min read

Making connections with storytelling

Is a story more powerful than statistics? Ellen Treanor, associate vice...

1 min read

How Eastern Washington University reinvented communications by texting

Jens Larson, Director of Student Communications at Eastern Washington...

1 min read

Communicating with Gen Z students

St. Michael’s Assistant Director of Admissions Jake Joseph discusses how a...

1 min read

Admissions texting templates to make your life easier

Save time and improve response rates with these convenient templates.


5 min read

ELEVATE recap: Experts discuss texting with students

It’s always interesting to see what leading institutions are doing to leverage...

2 min read

Ask a 1940's Admissions Dean, Bertram L. Burnside

  • Dear Bertram: Should I partner with the Common App or the Coalition App? I am...
2 min read

Why it’s important to share texting successes with others on campus

Texting is an extremely simple yet powerful medium to use when communicating...

1 min read

Texting templates are guidelines for success

Texting templates are critical because (and be careful not to fall off your...

3 min read

Collecting mobile phone numbers and opt-in permission from students

A long, long time ago (okay, like 8 years ago) it was only possible to text...

2 min read

What mediums work best when communicating with parents?

There isn’t one magic medium that will work every time for every parent, which...

2 min read

PPY is the new black: 4 ways texting will ensure effectiveness

PPY = Prior-Prior Year Income Data for the FAFSA

Beginning in October 2016...

3 min read

Increased enrollment yield with texting: exploring the data

How to achieve higher yield rates, and other lessons learned through a full...

4 min read

Veteran wisdom for transfer admissions professionals

Practical tips to new increase transfer enrollment

Transfer students have very...

1 min read

[Case Study] Texting and yield at Presbyterian College

Suzanne Petrusch, VP Enrollment and Marketing at Presbyterian College, began...

1 min read

The student communication crisis

In an age when leaving a student a voicemail is the equivalent of stuffing a...

1 min read

What content should be on the parents’ section of your website?

Parents are the most important influencers for prospective students, which is...

2 min read

Impact of texting on enrollment

The bottom line:

There’s a clear correlation between admissions reps who are...

2 min read

Transfer folks: Make it easy on everyone - text your students

Ever feel like you’re the redheaded stepchild? May passes and the rest of your...

2 min read

How to collect parent information in the admissions process

If you want to collect parents’ email and phone numbers (and you should, given...
2 min read

When to include parents in the admissions process

Start sooner, since parents’ influence is the strongest earlier in the process


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