Admissions texting templates to make your life easier

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Save time and improve response rates with these convenient templates.

We’ve talked in the past about how important texting templates can be for your school’s communications strategy. Like any other fill-in-the-blank template, a texting template allows you to set up the framework, then easily customize. Templates save you time and reduce the risk of poorly-written messages.

Working with more than 4,000 users to help develop campus texting content strategies, we have seen what templates work best. Mongoose has created this convenient list of SMS sample templates that will serve as convenient reference for nudges, reminders, events and more.

This free offering of sample SMS templates is tailored for college admissions and enrollment departments.

In addition to what you’ll find in our template package, here are three example texts:

Tuition Reminder

Hello <FIRST NAME>, it’s <STAFF FIRST NAME>! Our records indicate you have not paid your Fall tuition. Last chance to pay is tomorrow at the Financial Aid Office from <Times> or online via <URL>.Your courses may be dropped if payment is not secured. Can I help answer any questions?

Event Follow Up

Hey <FIRST NAME>, what did you think of <Event Name>? Text back thumbs-up-sign_1f44d or thumbs-down-sign_1f44e.

Missing Documents

Hi <FIRST NAME>, it’s <STAFF FIRST NAME>, your admissions counselor at <School Name>. Thanks for starting your application! I noticed you are still missing <Document Name(s)>. The application deadline is <Date>. Can you email the missing documents to me before then?

Click here to download 15 texting templates for texting prospecting students and current students.

FREE TEMPLATES: 15 Texting Templates for Admissions