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[Case Study] Texting and yield at Presbyterian College

1 min read

Suzanne Petrusch, VP Enrollment and Marketing at Presbyterian College, began texting prospective students in 2009. Over the last eight years, a lot has changed; not only from a technology perspective but also in terms of students’ and families’ attitudes about texting. Eight years later, Suzanne has refined her approach to texting and how it can best be used to build better relationships with families.

"We strive to build stronger relationships with our families. Texting is a wonderful medium for that and also helps ensure we are spending time with the right families", Suzanne explained.  "Building better relationships is key and pays dividends as the May 1st deposit deadline approaches."

Mongoose teamed-up with Suzanne and her team at Presbyterian College to uncover how a student's texting behavior(s) correlated with enrollment yield.

"We're observing that one of the most predictive behaviors of a student's intent to enroll was their willingness to engage in a two-way text conversation with one of our counselors", Suzanne added.

The issue: campuses are receiving record numbers of applications which makes it difficult to determine who is serious and who is not.

With texting, not only it is easier to determine upfront who is more interested, it is also easier to complete applications and ensure questions are answered.

More personal conversations lead to stronger relationships, an increase in completed applications, and more confirmed students.

Read the full article as published on Higher Ed Live.


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