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Transfer folks: Make it easy on everyone - text your students

2 min read

Ever feel like you’re the redheaded stepchild? May passes and the rest of your admissions team takes a well deserved collective exhale. Time for them to recharge for the fall. Not so much for you. You’ve already began ramping up. Your time is now. So let’s get at it!

As a veteran of transfer admissions for the better part of a decade, I get it. There is a ton of communication required. If a prospective transfer inquires - they are super interested. It’s more a matter of you seeing them to the finish line than them being interested.

So, let’s make things easy on you - and them.
Text your students!

Endless emails and phone calls are not that fun or effective anyway. And face it, in today’s world, texting is the most efficient and effective mode of communication out there.

So, can you just start texting transfers willy nilly? Not really.

If you are a nonprofit, all you need is some sort of consent. Suggestion: Update your inquiry form and application to collect “mobile” number and [ X ] yes, please text me personal text updates and reminders. Not collecting that information yet? Do it now. Seriously - like right now. ... is it updated yet?

Good. So that’s done.

Now, let’s get consent from your existing pool of inquiries. A couple weeks ago, one of our clients made the decision to start texting transfer students. To get “texting consent” from their existing pool of students they went old school and emailed them! Imagine that. Emailing to get consent to text. Awesome.

Example email:
Dear <<student name>>,

(add whatever intro text you like)
To get important personal text messages about your application status and admission timeline sent directly to your phone:

REPLY to this email with your MOBILE PHONE NUMBER


TEXT your NAME to my cell phone number: <<counselor phone number>>

I look forward to texting you soon!


<<counselor fullname>>
Assistant Director of Transfer Admission
Text or call: <<counselor phone number>>

They delivered the email to 823 students and got a - just over - 30% response rate. Boom. A 30% response rate to anything is playa status. Well done, indeed.

More response rate deets:



In sum:
1) Update your forms to collect mobile numbers and consent (but - you already did this, right?)

2) Cut and paste the recommended email above and swap in your info.

3) Have a super effective and efficient summer texting your students.

Oh, and contact me to use our texting platform so you are not using your thumbs to text like some kind of caveman.


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