What mediums work best when communicating with parents?

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There isn’t one magic medium that will work every time for every parent, which is why it’s important to take a multichannel approach. That said, research shows that websites, texting, and email are more effective than phone calls, brochures, and other mediums. Here’s a quick look at how the most common tactics compare.

Very Effective

  • Website. Up to 80% of parents visit websites in support of their students. Make sure you’re giving parents the information they want — ideally on a separate Parents & Family section on your website.
  • Texting. Yes, we love texting — and so do parents. In fact, nearly three-quarters of parents want texts after completing the RFI form. Just make sure your texts are timely and relevant, and that you’re following your Campus Texting Policy.

Somewhat Effective

  • Email. Parents use email more than students do, in part because it’s easy to file away instructions and confirmations received through email. But don’t assume that parents want more emails; it’s possible they just prefer it to other mediums.
  • In Person. Campus visits and face-to-face conversations build trust — a key factor in the decision-making process. Just remember to listen when you meet with parents. You’ll be surprised by the false perceptions they may be holding on to — but you won’t know unless you let them talk.
  • Print brochures. There’s still a place for the cherished campus brochure. In fact, half of all parents still want a brochure mailed to them. But forget the “three and a tree” pictures and try to stand out from the crowd, especially since today’s high school students get “about three trash cans’ worth of college materials every year.”

Least Effective

  • Phone calls. If parents can’t find what they need on your website, they might call you. But most parents prefer email and brochures to picking up the phone.
  • Social media. While parents use social media channels (especially Facebook) to learn more about a school, only 25 percent of parents are receptive to getting messages through a social app.

Want to learn more?

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