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Enterprise texting for community colleges

1 min read

While every institution needs to be strategic to effectively communicate with prospective students and current students, community colleges face unique obstacles. Each department must connect with a diverse group of people, typically older than traditional students, balancing family, work, and school. One school, Grand Rapids Community College, used a texting platform to actually reach their students.

The challenge

GRCC faced a number of factors that made it difficult to meet their enrollment and retention goals.

  • Declining enrollments
  • Shrinking pool of applicants and matriculants
  • Declining attendance at admissions and enrollment events

Immediate returns

Grand Rapids saw an increase in yield in just one cycle texting with Cadence.

  • Texts sent prior to 2016 - 14,000
  • Texts sent through Fall 2017 - 41,606
  • Increase in Fall yield rate - +3% (Fall ‘16 57.2% to Fall ‘17 60.2%)

Engagement beyond admissions

GRCC has expanded the use of texting across campus, producing positive results for their Cashier’s Office (+7.4% increase in students paid in full).

Associate Dean of Enrollment, Eric Mullen, says the results made it easy for other departments to embrace texting. “The rapid adoption of texting across campus was fueled by clear and significant data.”

Take a closer look at the numbers and download our case study from Grand Rapids Community College: Enterprise Texting for Community Colleges.

Case Study - Enterprise Texting for Community Colleges


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