Being inclusive without labeling students

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“I think it’s about having individual relationships with your students, so when they do come in and need to be challenged, you know them well enough to know their growth edges, and how you need to couch that challenge so they can hear it, because that’s not the same for every student."
Dr. Yancey Gulley, Associate Professor in the Higher Education Student Affairs program at Western Carolina University.

If helping students is the goal, then getting to know the individual is more important than categorizing the whole. On this episode of FYI, Mike Kochczynski speaks with Dr. Yancey Gulley from Western Carolina University about the pitfalls of labels, the need to distinguish when to group students, the importance of social justice, and many other fascinating higher education topics.

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CEAP-HS-HESA_Gulley_NeedhamDr. Yancey Gulley

Associate Professor, Higher Education Student Affairs

Western Carolina University

headshot-mikeMike Kochczynski

Assistant Director of Client Success


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