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The student communication crisis

2 min read

In an age when leaving a student a voicemail is the equivalent of stuffing a note in a bottle and throwing it into the ocean, it’s clear that phone calls are not an efficient way to reach constituents.

Emails are also risky due to competition with the hundreds of irrelevant messages that pour into student inboxes from stores, apps and spammers. The trend is getting worse, and it’s fair to call it a crisis. As a vendor who works exclusively with higher education institutions to help them better reach students - we hear it everyday.

"Our financial aid advisors wait outside of classrooms as a last ditch effort to get paperwork completed."

"20% of our students did not register for classes this semester."

"We have no idea how many of our incomplete application files are even interested."

"We had a recruiter on campus and only two of their interviews showed up."

What was once an interesting observation is now a big problem for schools across the country. This communication crisis affects:

  • enrollment yield
  • net revenue
  • graduation rates
  • career placement percentages

Fortunately, there is a way to reach students, and the fact remains that people do want to be contacted with information about their education. The key is to reach them in their preferred method of communication - texting. It has been widely documented that students prefer texting as their primary form of communication, and the institutions that have added texting to their strategy have been reaping the rewards. This case study on Carroll University is just one example of the power of texting.

"Texting revolutionizes the student communication game"
Carroll University uses Cadence to personalize communications

If you plan on implementing texting for the enterprise, we highly recommend you are thoughtful about allowing students to manage texting preferences.  We are higher-education's preferred provider and are 100% focused on helping our clients text with their students. If your institution is struggling with student communication - contact us - we would love to help, or download our free template.

[FREE GUIDE]  Texting for Advisement DOWNLOAD


[FREE GUIDE]  Texting for Advisement DOWNLOAD