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The untapped opportunity of texting students

2 min read

What if we told you the most effective medium for connecting with students was also the most underutilized? Sounds counterintuitive but it is true. Opportunity isn’t knocking – it’s texting.

Don’t just take our word for it. In the Ruffalo Noel Levitz 2017 Marketing and Student Recruitment Report of Effective Practices, texting was named a top-rated communication channel, even though many schools still haven’t implemented it. As higher ed’s preferred SMS enterprise messaging platform, we see this reality play out on a daily basis, and couldn’t agree more with the following takeaway of the report.

Expectations and usage.

Even though texting is gaining momentum among public and private institutions, it’s clear that adoption is still significantly behind student interest.

So why is this gap so huge? Up until recently, institutions that wanted to text students had limited and less-than-ideal options, including buying staff separate phones, using Google Voice, or even tapping into the campus emergency messaging system (a big no-no).

Thankfully, with the advent of SMS management platforms like Mongoose, institutions now have a convenient, efficient tool to manage texts on behalf of staff.

The next frontier: social apps.

Another key finding from the report is that social apps like Facebook’s Messenger, Kik, and WhatsApp are the fastest-rising student communication method. And keep in mind, by the time this data was published, it’s likely that student usage has increased even further.

What you say matters.

When it comes to texting, the message is just as important as the medium. Students are savvy texters, and can spot spam or robotic messages from a mile away. They’re also highly particular about the content and frequency of messages. At Mongoose, we guide clients in crafting texting campaigns that are valuable, relevant, and human.

Like we said – the opportunity with texting in higher education is immense. If you’re ready to see for yourself why 300+ forward-thinking institutions choose Mongoose for texting – or you want more information about texting – contact us today.


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