Why add texting when staff is already so busy?

1 min read

We are sometimes asked why it would make sense to add an additional tool to an existing admissions team when they already have so much on their plate.

It is absolutely true that there’s less staff time than there are things to do - so the only logical reason to add a tool would be to make your staff ultra-efficient.

With texting, you can quickly have conversations with students that can be sent out in bulk or through one-to-one responses. These texts can go to one student or many.

And, this process is much faster than if you communicated through email where there’s a lot more formality. It’s certainly much more effective than taking your time trying to make phone calls.

However, texting can be a wonderful way to set up phone calls you can be assured will receive an answer. Your staff’s valuable time will be used more wisely, giving them the ability to communicate with more students.

Data has clearly shown that if a student provides you their mobile phone number, their likelihood to enroll is exponentially higher than students who don’t. In fact, opting into texting is by far the most predictive behavior of a student’s intent to enroll, even more than a campus visit.

Ultimately, texting allows your staff to reach more students, in the students’ preferred medium. That is a tool that makes life easier, not harder.