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Pushing back on generational labels

All millennials are not the same, and your institution could be making a mistake by lumping people of the same age group together. If you’re grouping your current and prospective students by generational stereotypes, you’re not serving their needs (or yours). Dr. Scott Cline, Vice President of Enrollment at California College of the Arts, talks about the importance of data and the problem with lazy generational labeling.

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Dr. Scott Cline

 Vice President  of Enrollment
California College of the Arts

headshot-mikeMike Kochczynski

Assistant Director of Client Success

With robo-dialing on the rise, more and more students are ignoring phone calls.

There is no denying the importance of the parents’ role in college application process. Schools that find effective ways to communicate with parents will have an upper hand when it comes to college admissions. This guide will help you identify who you’re talking to and how to best earn parents’ trust.

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