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Get more graduate recruits with text messaging

The number of jobs requiring a graduate degree has increased by over 300% since 19701. So, knowing how important and popular graduate programs are, we realize Mongoose needs to assist enrollment managers. This blog is the first foray in our efforts to help

The graduate recruitment process is quick, yet personalized. It only makes sense to utilize a medium friendly to personalized, quick responses: SMS and MMS messaging. Here’s how you can use text messaging to engage your prospective students:

  • Keep your students informed of deadlines and needs by nudging them to complete particular tasks.
  • Use SMS messages to schedule or coordinate meetings and interviews.
  • Remind students where to navigate to fill out particular online forms or find offices on your campus.
  • Use segments to target students who meet particular criteria, i.e. students who have graduated from your institution at the undergraduate level.
  • Connect with local businesses to enable partnerships.

You might say, “Well, that kind of sounds like undergraduate admissions, and we can’t speak to our audiences the way the undergraduate admissions counselors would.” You would be right. So, to help you speak a language that will attract and retain graduate students, we’ve included a template of texts.

Download this convenient group of 15 texting templates for graduates for free.

FREE TEMPLATES 15 texting templates for graduate enrollment

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Engaging with technical school students and prospects offers unique challenges.

There are always obstacles in the way of reaching your constituents. And, while every campus has students with different characteristics, technical schools have additional challenges that 4-year institutions might not experience.

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