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Guided chat flows: your website visitor’s path to success

2 min read

Harmony isn’t your average chatbot - it’s an intelligent virtual guide.

The world of higher education is complex. Website visitors looking for assistance need more than a quick link to a webpage. A simple FAQ or link-dropping bot cannot anticipate or answer all possible visitor questions. Having a guided chat flow assists a visitor in identifying the goal of their visit and suggests topics or additional needs throughout the conversation, all while gathering pertinent information about the visitor that can help personalize the experience.

Offer a little help, or a lot

Once we know a little bit about the visitor, the guided flow will give them an opportunity to choose a more self-service approach (such as providing links and other quick content), or they can choose to be guided with step-by-step instructions, additional topic menus, live chat, meeting booking, and more.

For example, in an Admissions page guided chat flow, the visitor may identify themselves as an “Accepted Student” and then be guided to a menu, which offers a few topics. If the visitor chooses Enrollment as their topic, they are offered messages on accepting their offer and paying their deposit, and then the bot will suggest other relevant info such as registering for Orientation or help in applying for Financial Aid. In this instance, the guided flow has anticipated next steps for the student. Visitors are always given the option to circle back to the menu or choose more than one topic.

 guided chat flow conversationguided chat flow menu

Guided Chat Flows mean next-level assistance

The topics and paths presented to the visitor can lead them to find answers to questions that they may not have even anticipated yet. Having this type of guide is especially helpful for first-generation students, underserved communities, or anyone who may not have a helping hand to walk them through the college process. A guided chat flow can mimic the role of a department staff member assisting someone and serve as an intelligent campus liaison, connecting visitors to humans when appropriate. 

Intelligence that anticipates what’s next

It’s great when a bot can answer a visitor’s initial question, but even better when it can anticipate future needs and guide the visitor’s next steps. Intelligently designed bot flows nurture students as they begin and continue their college journey.


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