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Harmony hits all the higher education pain points

3 min read

Every industry has its own issues that employees have to deal with on a daily basis, and the world of higher education is certainly no different. Colleges and universities have a wide range of pain points that if they could just get solved, everyone’s lives would be much easier. 

Enter Harmony, the virtual assistant catered to solving the pain points seen across higher education. 

Harmony lives on your institution's website and greets each visitor with the goal of giving them the information they’re looking for. 

chatbot for higher education solution

The Problem: Important information is difficult to find on your website. 

No Higher Education website is the same. It can be difficult for your visitors to find the information they need because maybe the pages are full of jargon, the site structure is odd and navigating is difficult, there’s a specific focus on internal goals, there’s a ton of text on the page, or the information just simply isn’t there. 

The Harmony Solution: Harmony asks each site visitor key questions to figure out exactly who they are and what they want to learn more about. A link is provided to the visitor that leads them directly to the page where the answer to their question lives. Some Harmony clients can see upwards of 26,000 navigational links provided each year. 


The Problem: Processes for applying and enrolling can be confusing, especially for first-year students. Whether it’s how to apply for financial aid, submitting a deposit, or scheduling a campus visit, many of your site visitors are there to find out what to do next and how to do it.

The Harmony Solution: Visitors to your website are given step-by-step instructions, walking them through these complex processes for Admissions, Financial Aid, and other departments. One Harmony client experienced a 93% self-service rate for its visitors (meaning no human intervention was required) through the first four weeks of having Harmony on their site.


The Problem: Frequently Asked Questions and repetitive tasks take up valuable staff time. The staff members that are charged with processing transcript requests, unlocking student accounts, and answering those same questions over and over again are taken away from higher priority tasks. 

The Harmony Solution: Harmony provides site visitors the answers they need based on hyperlinks, which saves time for staff to prioritize other projects and responsibilities. Another client found that within a month, Harmony provided 1200 links to their visitors. If each link saved about two minutes of staff time taking a call or answering an email, within that month, the client saved 40 hours of their staff’s time that they could then focus on more complex tasks that require one-on-one support.


The Problem: Website users are unknown and information is generalized. Any Request for Information forms are lengthy and result in a high drop-off rate. 

The Harmony Solution: When you install Harmony on your website, it’s able to gather important data from your site visitor using an engaging, conversational tone. Replacing those lengthy RFI forms with friendly, low-pressure info gathering, you’re able to get high-quality leads for prospective students, as well as paint a clearer picture of who is visiting your website. Many clients experience more than a 20% name and email capture on Future Students conversation flows.


The Problem: Student recruitment and satisfaction relies heavily on 1-on-1 interactions. COVID-19, and time restrictions in general, have certainly put a strain on being able to have these interactions in person. 

The Harmony Solution: The Harmony users on your staff will be given their own unique usernames and profiles with which they’ll be able to sync their calendars. Website visitors will be able to book meetings with your staff within their own parameters, and your staff users will also be able to jump into any conversation that’s happening in real time on your site for live chat. In a three-month timeframe, one client saw 26% of students who engaged with Harmony participate in live chat with a counselor. 


The Problem: Gathering important student information for future communications and marketing needs is difficult. 

The Harmony Solution: Harmony gathers all of this important data directly from your visitors in an engaging and friendly tone. Seamless integration with CRM platforms allows for personalized content later in the funnel. On a site with 100,000 pageviews, you can see upwards of 1,000 new contacts per year gathered by the bot. Plus, Harmony remembers visitor information and will be able to deliver that personalized content to them even quicker on their next visit. 


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