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Mongoose’s chatbot is THAT easy to install? Wow. Wow.

2 min read

Harmony is a chatbot that is quick and easy to install, and it won't burden your IT staff (only 1 step of involvement for IT).

Implementing new technology into your college’s communication strategy is a great way to increase engagement with students, but busy schedules and full workloads can make it difficult for school staff. With Harmony, Mongoose’s intelligent chatbot, we made the implementation process as painless as possible.

Harmony is an IT-friendly chatbot!

Harmony is a virtual assistant that effortlessly guides website visitors in accomplishing tasks. It works with any website - any coding language, any CMS, any site design, etc. The chatbot sits on top of your website, making it a very flexible and versatile engagement tool.

How do you install Harmony?

The most common way to install Harmony on your website is through direct injection of your personalized JavaScript snippet. For this installment method, Mongoose will provide the code during implementation. Your staff can paste the code just before the end of the </head> section of your website’s back end.

Screenshot of JavaScript

Having the script injected into the head tag for your entire website will maximize efficiency as your school expands the use of your chatbot.

Where a playbook fires will be determined within the Harmony settings, so having the code on each page of your website will NOT make it appear on each page. In other words, all your staff has to do is place the code. Our Harmony team will take care of the rest!

In case it is not possible to inject the script onto each page of your website and it needs to be done manually by page, the Harmony team will provide the list of URLs on which the playbooks should fire for manual insertion.

Installing the code on your website can be completed at any time prior to your launch date by your webmaster or IT team. Once the code is placed on your website, Harmony will appear for your visitors on it’s official launch day. It’s that easy.

Can you repeat the part all about the...thing?

IT professionals and tech savvy folks are likely reading this article and nodding their heads in approval. For everyone else (scratching their head), just know that installing Harmony is simple. Our Harmony higher ed experts will guide you through the implementation process so you can concentrate on what’s important - connecting with students and constituents.

Does your college website need a chatbot?  Use Google Analytics to find out. LEARN MORE


Does your college website need a chatbot?  Use Google Analytics to find out. LEARN MORE