High Speed Sending streamlines Advancement efforts

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Fast text delivery and quicker responses will raise efficiencies 

Your fundraising plans have been executed and it’s time to hit the “send” button on a text asking for donations. With thousands of college alumni contacts on the receiving end, that text could take hours to reach its destination - and even longer for responses to get back to your team.

The High Speed Sending feature in the Cadence texting platform could not only improve stewardship, fundraising, and alumni engagement, it can also take some of the burden away from your staff and get your college closer to its goals.

High Speed Sending can throttle thousands of messages, faster than ever

This texting feature makes it easier than ever to engage with alumni. Using a toll-free number, High Speed Sending allows your school to send (and deliver) thousands of text messages to larger segments of constituents in a fraction of the time. 

Whether it’s Giving Day texts or event inquiries, your Advancement team can share the workload and start managing replies right away. Plus, there’s a higher likelihood for the delivery of any text messages containing links. 

High Speed Sending is not just for fundraising

If you’re delivering appointment or event reminders to your audience, you can’t wait hours for those texts to go out. Also, you don’t want to have to wait hours for the responses to roll in, leaving your staff working at all hours of the night.

High Speed sending makes it easier to plan your communications. Reducing the response window frees up your staff to tackle other tasks. Instead of responses trickling in over the course of an evening, your Advancement team can receive and engage with texts almost immediately after you hit send.

“The system worked like a charm. It was an extremely quick send for the first 1,600 prospects - the messages sent in less than one minute! We started receiving responses soon after. We sent 31,563 High Speed P2P messages in total the first day.”
 Shad Hanselman,
Associate Vice President, Annual Giving Product         Management, RNL (Ruffalo Noel Levitz)

Making High Speed messages personal

Treat your messages like you would your own personal smartphone inbox. When you receive an impersonal, robotic text message, it doesn’t matter whether the sender has a 1-800 number or a local number, you’re going to disregard that text as spam. The preview text means everything!

Hello <FIRST NAME>! This is Bernice from Mongoose U. Our marching band is live streaming their performance in Washington D.C. this weekend. Would you like to receive a link to the broadcast? 

When the text addresses you by name and possesses a human touch, there’s a better chance you’re going to read the text and respond. A High Speed number also brings the power of a quicker response time. That builds engagement and leads to better conversations with your constituents. 

If your texting platform allows for Auto Replies to texts as Cadence does, you can relay information to alumni immediately. With automation, texts are loaded with an immediate call-to-action for both “yes” and “no” responses. This can save your staff even more time. Using Auto Reply with High Speed Sending creates a powerful two-way engagement tool for your college or university. 

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