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Higher ed in the pressure cooker

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Colleges and universities are facing many challenges, and they’re not just financial. Rick Seltzer, Senior Reporter for Inside Higher Ed, sits with Mike Kochczynski to discuss the social, economic and demographic issues bearing down on schools, and the importance of serving the needs of students going forward.

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Rick Seltzer

Senior Reporter 
Inside Higher Ed

headshot-mikeMike Kochczynski

Assistant Director of Client Success 

TAGS:   Podcasts

We are sometimes asked why it would make sense to add an additional tool to an existing admissions team when they already have so much on their plate.

Each year, admissions staffs across the country work hard to make their classes, only to find that enrollment number reduced due to summer melt. So what can a college do about high school graduates who change their minds about a school, or attending school altogether, even after depositing? Attention to detail is a strong ally in the fight against melt.

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