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How is Harmony maintained and updated?

2 min read

A team of experts is ready to help you succeed.

Harmony, the intelligent, higher ed chatbot from Mongoose, is easy to maintain. You and the staff at your institution can determine whether you want your dedicated Harmony team to maintain the chatbot for you, or if you want to be trained to update it yourself.

Playbooks are the driving force behind your chatbot.

As an institution, your website links, timelines, priorities and processes are always changing - and it’s crucial your communication is accurate. That is why Harmony playbooks are living, breathing conversation flows that can be easily updated at any time, whether by the staff at your institution or by a Harmony team member. Harmony service offerings include regular maintenance of your chatbot, proactive updating of content and topics, managing update requests from your team, and optimizations based on performance.

Playbook flow example

The Harmony team can do all of this work for you! This process also includes responding to areas where the bot is not meeting visitor expectations and quickly making improvements. We use our higher ed expertise to constantly monitor the needs of your constituents and offer ways for your school to meet those needs. Simply put, we ensure that your chatbot is actually helping and connecting with students and alumni.

How often should you change what the bot says?

Your bot is a reflection of your school’s brand style, so changes are necessary over time to keep it relevant. But, fear not, there are ways to keep it from becoming overwhelming to manage.

Chatbot content is not meant to replace your website content - that’s the great part of including hyperlinks within your bot responses. And, in most cases, we don't recommend including information that is expected to change frequently within your bot if that info already lives in a location to which we can link.

A chatbot increases efficiency, making the most of the work that you’ve already put in to keep your website complete and up-to-date. With help from your Harmony team, you’ll have a chatbot that not only answers questions, but that also directs students and other site visitors to the right content already on your website.

How does the bot expand?

As your initial playbooks begin tackling your biggest pain points, you’ll likely start thinking about the next round of helpful conversation flows. Higher ed experts from Harmony can work with you to build your new chatbot playbooks, making it as easy as possible, while keeping those initial ones performing at their best.

[GET HARMONY] Want to learn more about what our team of higher ed experts can do for your  institution? REQUEST DEMO


[GET HARMONY] Want to learn more about what our team of higher ed experts can do for your  institution? REQUEST DEMO