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How to do more student engagement with less staff

2 min read

With so many questions to be answered, forms to file, and inboxes to empty, it doesn’t leave a lot of time to actually engage with students. 

Help is not coming through that door, so how do you do more with less?

Get a time machine

Who wouldn’t love to have someone who never sleeps, knows everything about your school, and is obsessed with answering the endlessly repetitive questions students have? 

While that human might not exist, the right chatbot can be a pre-engagement screener for your school’s website. A virtual assistant chatbot can answer hundreds of frequently asked questions while you lift zero fingers. A “machine” that saves you “time.”

You’re good at conversations, using your years of insight and experience to coach students through challenging times. A well-designed chatbot is an extension of you - minus the sparkling personality, good looks, and human ingenuity of course!

When the bot has reached its limits of usefulness, the conversation can be handed off to you and your staff for live chat. If the visitor is a night owl, the bot connects with your calendar to book a convenient chat time. 

Texting templates think for you

Even if you’re the Billy Shakespeare of text messaging, crafting the right words takes time. Texting templates are your friend, and they’re incredibly effective for every department.   

With texting templates, you take a pre-written message and customize it for the proper time and audience. 

PS: Mongoose has tons of convenient pre-written templates for everything from financial aid reminders to Giving Day nudges. You can scour our website by typing in “templates” in the magnifying glass icon or click these words to get started.

Do it later.... now

The texting never stops, but you know your calendar and you know your audience. Designate a zen moment or two to plan out an entire semester of messages, then schedule them to be sent at the appropriate time. This way, your team isn’t thinking on the fly or stumped for ideas. 

Imagine if your Admissions team could pre-plan messaging for the height of recruitment season - freeing them up to help students enroll as the deadlines roll in. Haste is bad. Setting aside the time to compose messages helps make them more engaging. 

Do it now.... automatically

Sometimes you have time to text but not time to immediately respond to follow-up questions. We call these times “weekdays.” An Auto Reply texting feature does the answering for you. 

Auto Reply prompts a specific automated message (that you wrote) to trigger when a student replies to one of your texts with a designated keyword. 

website promotion of texting option

text message college program example

You’re providing instant gratification for an audience that is starved for it. A student who knows they’ve been acknowledged will feel more engaged with their school. 

We could all use more time

You probably didn’t get into higher ed to be an FAQ counselor. Hopefully, these suggestions can help free you up to spend more time engaging with students, parents, and alumni. 

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