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If time is money, Harmony makes you rich

2 min read

How many times per day does your office phone ring or your email ding  with someone on the other end asking a question? Some days, it probably feels like it’s constant and the questions are mostly the same. 

Due to the declining amount of graduating high schoolers across the nation, colleges and universities are seeing lower enrollment numbers each fall. As a result, institutions have had to make drastic staff cuts across departments including admissions, IT, and marketing and communications, among others. 

These staff cuts result in employees being spread thin and overworked while still being expected to reach the same goals for their respective departments. So, how can you find a way to help your staff complete these daily tasks and save time?

Enter Harmony, a virtual assistant catered to higher education

Harmony helps answer these frequently asked questions, complete simple tasks, and even walk students through some complex processes. Using guided conversation flows based on the visitor type - prospective students, parents, current students, even your faculty - their needs are met right on your website without the help of your staff members. 

Your website is filled with information that each of these visitor types need. However, your site visitors might only take a few minutes to look for the info they need, and many times (OK, probably most of the time) they don’t even bother looking for it at all. 

With higher education experts here at Mongoose helping build your conversations, your virtual assistant will be able to bring your visitors directly to the correct pages to get the answers they need. Each conversation is filled with responses that provide the user with the correct answer and even a hyperlink to the page with further information or the next steps they need to take.

Processing transcripts, resetting passwords, and answering the same questions over and over (and over) every day are now a thing of the past. 

Through the first four weeks, one Harmony client saw aharmony self-serviceamong the visitors who interacted with their virtual assistant, meaning they didn’t require human intervention.

Another client found that within a month, Harmony provided 1200 links to their visitors. If each link saved about two minutes of staff time taking a call or answering an email, within that month, the client saved 40 hours of their staff’s time that they could then use to prioritize other projects or responsibilities.

harmony chatbot saves staff time

Higher education processes can be confusing, especially for first generation students. Not only does Harmony answer questions, but it can walk visitors through complex processes such as the steps to take after being accepted, how to enroll for the upcoming semester, or how to apply for Financial Aid. 

Another benefit of having Harmony on your website is that it’s available 24/7/365. As we know, students don’t always operate on a typical Monday-Friday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM schedule. Our virtual assistant does it all, eliminating the need to start your mornings off responding to emails and voice messages.

See how you can save time across campus and achieve better outcomes with an intelligent virtual assistant!

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