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If you can imagine it, Harmony can integrate it

2 min read

Harmony, the chatbot for colleges and universities, is designed to help institutions (and your website visitors) meet their goals. Website visitors can get the information they need or accomplish a task and in return, give you data on who they are and how they’re using your site. 

There is a wide range of valuable information that Harmony can collect on your behalf. Examples include email, phone number, birth date, application status, desired entry term, and even programs of interest, among many others.

You’re already thinking of ways to use this information in your communication and marketing funnels - but how can you view it once it’s collected? 

Integrations make a chatbot even more powerful

Harmony integrates seamlessly with your campus CRM. Many of Mongoose’s clients utilize Harmony’s integration flexibility to map the data directly into their software of choice, including the contact information and even a transcript of the full conversation between the chatbot or staff member and the visitor. 

Any piece of information that Harmony collects from your site visitors is tied to that specific visitor as an attribute. Some integrations may include a check to determine if the contact already exists in the system. You then can decide if they want to send over different information for new vs. existing contacts. Plus, Harmony can remember return visitors and even greet them by name on their next visit. 

Our clients get the most out of CRM integrations by: 

  • Creating email communication plans for Harmony contacts using the information we know about them 
  • Following up with Harmony contacts about the questions asked in the chat, their application status, and more 
  • Texting Harmony contacts via Cadence, our texting platform, with the mobile numbers collected

Harmony can integrate with any system as long as there are APIs available. For systems without APIs, FTP or manual export are other integration options. The Mongoose engineering team uses a variety of pre-built integrations and builds new custom integrations as needed.

Some integrations may even be bi-directional, looking up contacts within the other system and bringing pieces of information about the visitor back into Harmony to customize the chat experience. Depending on the integration method, this process can happen in real-time.

Integration doesn’t always have to be with CRMs - any system that holds information that’s valuable to your staff or your website visitors can benefit from integration with Harmony. Your IT department may utilize a Harmony integration to automate password resets and unlock accounts for students and faculty/staff members. Or, integration may be used with a current student looking up who their advisor is in a Student Information System to help with class registration.

Plus, integrating with Harmony is easy! Our team guides you through every step - and we do most of the heavy lifting. We just need someone familiar with the technical and strategic aspects of your campus system. One client was able to set up their integration with our Harmony team in 20 minutes!

Investing in a flexible platform to live on one of your high-traffic channels to gather visitor information and make life easier for everyone doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch, does it? 

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