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Improve your students' experiences with Harmony's guided conversations

2 min read

Your school’s website serves multiple purposes for multiple people. Prospective students want to apply for financial aid. Current students want to learn about organizations available on campus. And alumni want to know how to give to their alma mater. 

But adding all this necessary information to your site can make it hard to navigate and challenging for visitors to find the correct information. 

So how can you make sure each person finds exactly what they’re looking for? 

Harmony, the higher ed chatbot, is here to help with Guided Conversation Flows

Guided Conversation Flows are like branches of a tree leading your site visitors down various paths depending on who they are, where they are on the site, and what they’re looking for.

When a visitor interacts with Harmony, they’re asked a few questions to identify them and their needs. Using that data, Harmony guides the visitor towards answers that are specific to their demographic. 

harmony playbook demographic question

Once Harmony knows more about your visitor, it provides them with a personalized menu based on their needs. 

So, if the visitor identifies themselves as a Current Student, the menu of options could include Reapplying for Financial Aid, Registering for Classes, Upcoming Events, and Clubs on Campus. Where a Prospective Transfer Student could receive a menu including Majors and Programs, Scholarships, and Transferring Credits. 

harmony playbook topics

Not what they’re looking for? No worries - visitors are always given the option to circle back to the menu or choose more than one topic.

Topics and paths presented to your visitors can lead them to find answers to questions they may not have thought about yet. (You don’t know what you don’t know, ya know?) Having this type of guide is especially helpful for first-generation students, underserved communities, or anyone who doesn’t have a helping hand to walk them through the college process. 

A Guided Conversation Flow can be set up to mimic a department staff member’s role in:

  • Assisting & serving as an intelligent campus liaison
  • Connecting visitors to the right human resource on campus
  • Simplifying the enrollment or financial aid process
  • And much more!

With Harmony, you can lay out each step in detail, even if those steps are different for specific students. Harmony can be tailored to your department's needs to simplify processes, improve student engagement on your website, and reduce the burden on staff. 

Harmony is like a wise sherpa ready to guide your visitors where they belong. 

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