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How to increase your school's website metrics with chatbot targeting and personalization

2 min read

As a member of your school’s marketing communications and enrollment teams, you’re tasked with communicating with each of your institution’s target audiences. 

You, and colleges in general, serve a wide range of demographics across generations with varying interests, who live in different geographical areas and represent diverse cultures, with different levels of familiarity and experience with the institution. The messages you send to each of these audiences NEED to be catered to them in order to achieve the best outcomes - a task that no doubt can feel  overwhelming

The message that resonates with a first-year student interested in a formal sciences program won’t be the same as one for a transfer student looking into your humanities program. As with any other channel or message, a chatbot that lives on your website needs to be personalized based on who a visitor is and what they want.

website visitor data

Harmony's advanced targeting segments your website's audience based on the pages they visit. Tailor messaging based on specific URLs, if they’re visiting from a certain campaign, or if they’re a return visitor.

Customized conversations that make an impact on your college's website

No need for one generic message bot across your website - now you can develop messages that are unique to your students and your school’s goals. Targeting increases the likelihood that the messaging you send them will be relevant to their interests and will boost engagement.

Let’s look at an example. Say your team has a communication flow to help accepted students complete the steps toward full enrollment. Emails or texts from this flow could link students to a chat conversation built specifically to guide them through the steps. 

Or maybe your class reunion announcement links alumni to a chatbot conversation where they can register for the event and learn which of their classmates will be attending. For a current student who Harmony knows is in their senior year, the bot may greet them by name and remind them to apply for graduation

Harmony can be tailored specifically to your team’s objectives and help you reach your goals - something that traditional chatbots can’t do. When it comes to delighting your site visitors and making their lives easier, the possibilities are endless - not to mention ensuring they can “do the thing” you really want them to. 

With the right conversations and messages served to the right audiences, you’re bound to see an increase in the metrics that truly matter to your institution. 

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