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Live chat vs. chatbot - Harmony does it all

Live chat vs. chatbot - Harmony does it all

2 min read

Your college’s website is the number one source for information for prospective students, current students, alumni, parents, and community members - they’re all coming to “.edu” to find what they need. 

With Harmony living on your school website, it’s ready to greet your visitors with open arms, 24/7/365. Our virtual assistant can answer all of those frequently asked questions and even walk visitors through a series of complex tasks. Whatever type of visitor they are, they’ll get the specific information that is most relevant to them. 

With Harmony, your higher ed staff saves time - but can jump into a conversation when they’re needed

Working in higher education, you know that sometimes answers aren’t as straightforward as what’s on the web page and some questions require an actual person’s touch to help resolve. 

Our advanced chatbot lets your staff users watch conversations happening between Harmony and your site visitors in real time. Users can jump in right away or wait to see if the site visitor requests to chat with someone and get a notification. This handoff from Harmony to the staff user is seamless -  the visitor sees the avatar change from the bot to the actual staff member who is jumping in to chat so they know there’s a real human on the other end of the conversation.

The visitor receives the answer they need right away, and your staff can explain the next steps to take or forms they’ll need later on based on the information the visitor gives them. This is an excellent option because it provides the user with a personal experience and those authentic interactions are a big motivator for decisions down the road. 

Harmony also allows for rules to be set up that automatically point the visitor to the correct staff member. For admissions counselors, these rules may be based on geographic territory, first-year student vs. transfer student vs. graduate student, or even program of interest. Some Harmony clients also use round-robin scenarios to determine who the visitor will speak to.

harmony chatbot live chat feature

Appointing a staff user to be available all day isn’t realistic though. No worries! Staff members can easily change their availability throughout the day. Visitors may be prompted to book a meeting with the user at a later date, or they can provide their contact information for follow-up when the user becomes available again. 

Transcripts of each interaction with the bot/staff user are also kept and can even be integrated into your institution’s customer/student relationship management system - including Slate, Ellucian, and many others. 

Harmony’s ability to be part chatbot, part virtual assistant, part live-chat software makes it truly unique. Its intelligent routing capabilities coupled with the flexibility of when and to whom live chat is made available are ways that your staff can save time and continue to make the authentic connections students are looking for. 

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