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Need leads? Harmony handles higher ed lead generation for you!

2 min read

As much as 76% of students start an inquiry by filling out a form on a school’s website, according to 2019 research by Ruffalo Noel Levitz - an organization focused on higher education enrollment. That same research showed that 40% of students dropped off of a form early because it asked for too much information. 

The leads that are generated directly from your website are some of the most valuable in comparison  to those that are purchased because, well, they’re free and you know they’re interested. 

Students are coming directly to your website to learn more about your institution and your programs - they might as well be knocking on your office door. So wouldn’t you want to make it as easy as possible for these prospective students to give you the information you need?

This is where Harmony comes in.

Our virtual assistant is able to gather the all-important lead information from your site visitors through an engaging and conversational exchange - something a basic chatbot just can’t do. This feels less daunting, less intrusive, and allows clear expectations to be set with the student about what will happen next. Interacting with your site visitors in this way makes them more willing to give additional information, too - more than if you just slapped a long form in their face.

Here are some numbers that Harmony clients have experienced:

bot conversations within Harmony include an average of 29 messages being exchanged

These are messages about where the visitor is in the application process, their name, email, and even their program of interest or expected entry term.

Harmony prospective students statistic

who gave their email address to an institution also provided their mobile phone number. The Admissions team was able to send text messages to certain students reminding them to complete their applications.

Between winter break and the first week back on campus, one Harmony client captured:

Harmony chatbot email capture

With Harmony’s easy integration with your customer relationship management (CRM) system, the ultimate department tag team of marketing and admissions can now use these highly-qualified leads for follow-up communications and retargeting. 

Instead of sending generic emails or communications to students, you can send personalized pieces of content that are more likely to result in the conversions you need.

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