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Mongoose + RNL partner to strengthen engagement with students

1 min read

We are excited to announce a new strategic partnership with RNL, the leading provider of higher education enrollment management, student success, and fundraising solutions.

The partnership brings our texting platform (Cadence) and proven best practices together with RNL’s enrollment management consultants, strategies, and solutions. Together, our two firms will amplify the ability of campuses to engage prospective students and nurture conversations that lead to enrollment.

"Our clients using Cadence have seen results ranging from increased enrollment to higher event attendance to unprecedented retention rates. There is still plenty of opportunity for schools who have not started texting (or who have tried and not been successful) to learn why it works and how to do it well,” said Dave Marshall, president of Mongoose.

“Competing for students requires a merger of strategy and solution,” said Todd Abbott, senior vice president at RNL. “By partnering with Mongoose, we have created an ideal way for campuses working with both firms to tap into our expertise, data, insights, and innovations so they can engage the students they want and achieve long-term sustainability in an increasingly volatile higher education market.”

To learn more about the partnership and how RNL and Mongoose will amplify student engagement, visit RuffaloNL.com/Mongoose


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