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Recruit and Cadence: The Benefits of Our Newest Integration

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Integration improves the effectiveness of both your texting platform AND your CRM.

Without accurate, up-to-date information, your school could be wasting time texting wrong numbers.  And if your school uses Ellucian Recruit, having the most accurate and current data is essential to ensuring that when you’re texting students, you are able to make a meaningful connection.

The latest Cadence and Recruit integration makes synching data easier and more effective than ever. This integration eliminates the need to rely on manual, FTP, or API options to update Cadence and Recruit data. There are numerous benefits to making data easier to find and use.


Bi-Directional Capability

The Recruit and Cadence integration allows for both import and export functionality, meaning it’s easier to move names, contact info, and conversation history back and forth from your texting platform to your CRM. Your data is more secure and staff will save time without having to spend countless hours maintaining information in two separate systems.

Plus, when reviewing a student contact in Recruit, your staff will now be able to view their messages in real-time, along with their opt-out status. 


Minimal Implementation

It’s likely that your staff is already overburdened with tasks and a full inbox. A solution is only viable if it doesn’t add additional stress. The Cadence Recruit integration requires minimal implementation. With no custom development or programming required, onboarding is quicker. 

All data transfers are carried out in an automated fashion with no required manual steps after configuration. That frees up your staff and your IT department to work on more important things.


Easier to Access Information

Recruit users can access all integration information and settings within Cadence, complete with the latest processing data, import/export logs, and success/error notifications. When something’s wrong, you’ll know right away. The dashboard allows users to monitor the overall health of the integration and proactively identify any issues. 


Recruit is a powerful tool for your institution. The Recruit and Cadence integration ensures that you are getting the most out of your technology investment.

Ready to learn more? Book a demo to see Cadence in action.

If you are a current Cadence user, contact support@mongooseresearch.com to get started.