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How Harmony seamlessly integrates with your systems - Slate, CRMs, and more

5 min read

Harmony is an intelligent virtual assistant that can be used in a variety of ways to help both website visitors and your institution meet their goals. Valuable information is collected via Harmony conversations, such as name, email, phone number, and birth date. Harmony interactions can also benefit from information that already lives in your other campus systems, such as application status or declared major, which can be used to personalize the bot conversation. Harmony allows visitors to complete tasks such as changing their password or submitting a ticket to the help desk.

What do each of these uses have in common? Information exchange. Manual export and upload is always an option, but integration is best for Harmony clients who want an automated solution. 

Why consider integration?

There are many benefits to integrating with Harmony. What data you want to collect and how you want to use it is completely up to you. 

Many clients integrate Harmony with their CRM. With integration, in addition to contact data, the full conversation transcript can also go into the CRM as an activity tied to the contact, if the client prefers. What we see our clients doing most with CRM integration is:

  • Creating email communication plans for Harmony contacts using information we know about them 
  • Following up with Harmony contacts about the questions asked in the chat, their application status, and more 
  • Texting Harmony contacts via Cadence, our texting platform, with the mobile numbers collected

Harmony CRM integration messages

CRM integration compose a message

One Harmony client uses integration to map their contacts into Slate and text their contacts via Cadence. For this client, it was important to ask people chatting with their virtual assistant about their application status (have not started application, application started, application submitted, or admitted) and collecting their mobile phone number with texting opt in because of their texting strategy. Once the contacts are mapped into Slate, our client sends the mobile phone numbers and application status to Cadence to text the prospective students who identified themselves as ‘not started’ or ‘started the application’. Using this strategy to remind applicants about deadlines and help them with any questions they might have can increase  applications. 

Harmony clients also have the ability to look up student information while a website visitor is chatting with the virtual assistant. In real time, the integration allows Harmony and an SIS/ERP to talk with each other - for example, looking up who their advisor is, booking a meeting with them, and providing information about class registration. Another Harmony client uses integration to reset passwords for students and staff. The integration is set to look up a student record in their SIS, return information for authentication, and then manage a password reset via an additional integration with their identity provider system. There are many possibilities when connecting Harmony with your systems!

What systems does Harmony integrate with?

Harmony has the ability to integrate with any system as long as there are APIs available. For systems without APIs, FTP or manual export would be some other integration options. The Mongoose engineering team uses a variety of pre-built integrations and builds new custom integrations as needed. The Harmony team will work with your stakeholders to determine requirements and recommend the best approach to accomplish your goals.

software that Harmony integrates with

What does the integration process look like?

Integrating with Harmony is easy. Our team guides you every step of the way and does as much of the heavy lifting as possible. Although we do the bulk of the work, we do require assistance from your team and ask for a technical contact and a strategy contact to help us out. Depending on the system and the integration method, the process will look something like this: 

  1. Integration Call - After understanding the goals you have for your use of Harmony, we host a call to discuss the goals of your integration. We go over the details on what we need to collect from your website visitors and what should be sent over into the integrated system. 
  2. Sample data  - Whether it’s a sample file, a sandbox environment, or a new custom-built integration, we complete the setup work and get sample data ready for review. Then, we refine with your team until all the details are in place. 
  3. Go live! - Once all of the moving parts are figured out, we set the integration live. At this point, data flows from Harmony into the integrated system (and back if appropriate) and can be used by your team.

How does the integration work?

The Harmony team works closely with clients to determine the specifics on how an integration will function based on their preferences, as well as what is technically possible with the system. We may end up utilizing APIs, FTP exports, or another method depending on the situation. 

Based on what is important to the client, any pieces of information that are collected through the conversation can be tied to a specific visitor as contact attributes. From here, we are able to move these records into another system with all of the appropriate fields if desired. Information about each conversation the contact has with the bot is also available for context on the visitor’s needs, and to track each interaction or activity they have with your institution. 

chatbot contact record integrationSome integrations may include a check to determine if the contact already exists in the system, then the client can decide if they want to send over different information for new vs. existing contacts. Some integrations may even be bi-directional, looking up contacts within the other system and bringing pieces of information about the visitor back into Harmony for customization of the chat experience. Depending on the integration method, this process can happen in real-time. Harmony will “remember” visitors the next time they engage with the bot so that their experience can always be personalized and relevant.

Harmony is a powerful tool that can provide you with an incredible amount of information about your website visitors. Integrating with Harmony takes this power to the next level, ultimately allowing you to guide students through every stage of their journey, complete the tasks they need to get done in order to be successful, and connect with the help they need wherever they are in the process. The Harmony team’s goal is to make harnessing this potential as easy as possible for your institution - we’re with you every step of the way - even after the integration is live, we help with any necessary changes or maintenance as well.

Ready to see what’s possible with Harmony? See what makes it stand out from a traditional chatbot in our guide!

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