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Research is fun when you use it to feud

2 min read

Feud4Here at Mongoose, we’re pretty passionate about connecting schools with their students - and that goal involves a lot of research on a lot of topics. And, sometimes, we use our passion for research to fulfill our fervor for fun.

Months ahead of ELEVATE 2019, the Mongoose user retreat, we tapped into members of the higher education community to find out what makes them tick, or cringe, or laugh. A series of whimsical survey questions prompted hundreds of answers from folks across the country at schools like yours. If you responded to a survey, these may be your answers. The result? Mongoose Feud!

We compiled the responses into PowerPoint and took a twenty-minute break from important sessions and inspiring presentations to play a couple rounds of our version of Family Feud, slightly re-branded. While you “had to be there” to get the full effect, here are some Mongoose Feud highlights:

What is a word you never want to see in a text from a student?

The leading answers were “stop” and “withdraw” (46%), but it’s clear that higher ed texters are no strangers to receiving some more colorful language from their constituents. We can’t list some of the other answers here without including asterisks. 


Name something you’d rather do than answer emails?

“Talk to students” was the number one answer (62%), followed closely by “anything” (18%). Props to the ten people who responded to this survey with “nap.” I’d always rather be napping.

What’s the best way to decompress after a long day?

While this question might not be higher ed specific, there’s no doubt we all need decompression after an open house or giving day. We’ll cast no judgment in announcing that the number one response (60% of respondents) was “alcohol/drugs.” What you all do on your time is your business. Higher ed folks love to Netflix (28%). While some people just like to unwind by complaining (2%).

More to come!

Keep an eye on your inboxes for higher ed surveys. It’s possible you could be contributing to our Mongoose Feud game for ELEVATE 2020! Of course for the full effect, make plans on attending. (Details soon!)

[CASE STUDY]  Smart Integration Leads  to Texting Success at Jacksonville State DOWNLOAD


[CASE STUDY]  Smart Integration Leads  to Texting Success at Jacksonville State DOWNLOAD