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Texting templates are guidelines for success

Texting templates are critical because (and be careful not to fall off your seat) not all staff are wonderful copywriters. In working with over 400 institutions to help develop their texting content ...
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Mongoose ELEVATE 2018 User Retreat Webinar

View the recording of our webinar hosted by Mongoose’s President, Dave Marshall, about the value of attending this year’s ELEVATE user retreat. Learn reasons why you should attend, how you can ...
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Collecting mobile phone numbers and opt-in permission from students

A long, long time ago (okay, like 6 years ago) it was only possible to text students using your personal mobile phone. Higher ed learned pretty quickly that giving out your mobile phone number to ...
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When and how to use text nudges on campus

There’s a big difference between who wants to send text nudges to your students and who should be sending text nudges.
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Top three considerations when selecting a texting platform

We all know by now that texting is an extremely effective way to communicate with students. Campuses across the country are using texting to varying degrees with a range of success. The texting ...
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Text nudges to engage students

You can see how texting in general is effective, so it’s time to take a deeper look into how it can fit into your overall communications strategy.
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Why do you need a texting communications plan?

Let’s say you decide to use texting as your primary means of communicating with students (which seems like a smart move because it is, for the most part, the only way students send and receive ...
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What mediums work best when communicating with parents?

There isn’t one magic medium that will work every time for every parent, which is why it’s important to take a multichannel approach. That said, research shows that websites, texting, and email are ...
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Texting throughout the student lifecycle

Learn from a diverse panel of Mongoose users that have leveraged texting throughout the student lifecycle to enhance and improve student experience. Amanda will interview panelists and explore their ...
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The use of texting for intercollegiate athletics

Join us as we discuss best uses for texting within intercollegiate athletics. We’re excited to sponsor this panel discussion featuring four industry experts – each with a unique take on how texting ...
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