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Validating Higher Education Visionaries

Texting templates are guidelines for success

Texting templates are critical because (and be careful not to fall off your seat) not all staff are wonderful copywriters. In working with over 400 institutions to help develop their texting content ...
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Collecting mobile phone numbers and opt-in permission from students

A long, long time ago (okay, like 6 years ago) it was only possible to text students using your personal mobile phone. Higher ed learned pretty quickly that giving out your mobile phone number to ...
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What mediums work best when communicating with parents?

There isn’t one magic medium that will work every time for every parent, which is why it’s important to take a multichannel approach. That said, research shows that websites, texting, and email are ...
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PPY is the new black: 4 ways texting will ensure effectiveness

PPY = Prior-Prior Year Income Data for the FAFSA
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Increased enrollment yield with texting: exploring the data

How to achieve higher yield rates, and other lessons learned through a full enrollment cycle Why did a mid-sized four-year private institution have a 48% higher yield rate for students who texted ...
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Veteran wisdom for transfer admissions professionals

Practical tips to new increase transfer enrollment Transfer students have very different perspectives than first-year students. First-year students are often trying to figure out who they want to ...
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Using a phone to text students is (now) a bad idea

Many institutions provide admissions counselors with mobile phones. It makes sense. It allows them to not have to use their personal mobile for university business. They can check email, send texts, ...
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Stop. Using. Periods. | Maximizing your text messaging response rate

Why you should (almost) always end student texts with “?”
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[ Case Study ] Texting & yield at Presbyterian College

Suzanne Petrusch, VP Enrollment and Marketing at Presbyterian College, began texting prospective students in 2009. Over the last eight years, a lot has changed; not only from a technology perspective ...
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The student communication crisis

We've all heard it. Students do not answer phone calls or listen to voicemail. Many do not even have voicemail set-up. They also sparingly use email. It is hard to blame them. A college bound high ...
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