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5 min read

Bulldozer Parents & Their Role in the College Search Process

Move over helicopter parents, we've officially entered the reign of the bulldozer parent. And as bulldozer parents enter the scene, you need to revisit your student recruitment strategy.

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2 min read

Challenges & Opportunities in Online Learning: Key Findings from University Leaders

A new study by Juji names student engagement and recruitment as top priorities for online program success after interviewing 42 higher ed leaders. Colleges and institutions need to adopt tech solutions to streamline their strategies and personalize at scale.

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3 min read

Recruiting First-Generation College Students

First-generation students are among the most highly sought in higher ed, and competition is fierce between colleges and universities looking to attract them.

So what strategies should you use?

New data from Niche offers some insight:

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4 min read

Using 2-Way Texting to Reach Giving Day Goals

Colleges across the country are preparing for Giving Day but there are plenty of other important headlines.

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4 min read

How Louisiana Tech University used texting to develop a campus contact tracing program

Schools are utilizing texting to keep their campus safer during a pandemic

Colleges across the country are bringing students, faculty, and staff back to campus, and many of those schools are taking on the responsibility of doing their own contact tracing. That makes it easier to contain outbreaks of COVID and keep communities healthy. For schools like Louisiana Tech University, texting is an integral part of the process.

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