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4 min read

How Louisiana Tech University used texting to develop a campus contact tracing program

Schools are utilizing texting to keep their campus safer during a pandemic

Colleges across the country are bringing students, faculty, and staff back to campus, and many of those schools are taking on the responsibility of doing their own contact tracing. That makes it easier to contain outbreaks of COVID and keep communities healthy. For schools like Louisiana Tech University, texting is an integral part of the process.

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2 min read

What can an intelligent virtual assistant do for your Admissions department?

Self-service technology like Harmony can help prospective students cross the application finish line.

What is my application status?

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3 min read

Is automation in higher education going to take my job?

Bots don’t replace humans, they help humans be more human.

The subject of chatbots in higher ed could conjure mental images of rows of assembly line machines replacing humans in factories around the world. The truth is, conversational engagement chatbots could make higher ed jobs more secure, helping colleges and universities increase enrollment and retention.

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2 min read

How to use texting and chatbots to provide campus reopening updates

Utilizing technology will allow your college to meet constituents’ expectations.

As the country continues to take steps to open amidst coronavirus fears, colleges and universities are either:

  1. Deciding whether or not to open in the fall
  2. Establishing a plan to open in the fall 
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2 min read

Improving advancement and stewardship in remote times

Advancement teams across the country are challenged with developing ways to engage with alumni and major gift donors due to the new landscape of remote communication.

With reduced in-person contact, stewardship has proven to be difficult. But there are ways to reach out to alumni and donors that allow them to be empowered without handshakes and personal visitation.

Here are some examples of text messages your advancement team can send:

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