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When and how to use text nudges on campus

There’s a big difference between who wants to send text nudges to your students and who should be sending text nudges.
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Text nudges to engage students

You can see how texting in general is effective, so it’s time to take a deeper look into how it can fit into your overall communications strategy.
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Using a phone to text students is (now) a bad idea

Many institutions provide admissions counselors with mobile phones. It makes sense. It allows them to not have to use their personal mobile for university business. They can check email, send texts, ...
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Stop. Using. Periods. | Maximizing your text messaging response rate

Why you should (almost) always end student texts with “?”
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The student communication crisis

We've all heard it. Students do not answer phone calls or listen to voicemail. Many do not even have voicemail set-up. They also sparingly use email. It is hard to blame them. A college bound high ...
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What’s a good response rate?

When it comes to our clients, they’re obsessed with analytics. “What’s a good response rate when texting?” is actually one of the most frequently asked questions we receive. And it’s justified as ...
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How to not kill the medium when texting students

Texting is a top-rated channel for communicating with students. Surprisingly, it’s also the most underutilized. Until recently, there was no simple way for institutions to manage texting on campus. ...
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Seven rules of engagement - Mongoose style

Higher education is more competitive than ever.  For many campuses to succeed, they must be nimble and outsmart competitors to attract potential students (and to keep the attention of current ...
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Crafting text messages that make the grade

To paraphrase a common idiom, “It’s not what you text, it’s how you say it.” In our experience, the way a text is crafted can make or break a campaign, and determine whether the student takes action ...
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[Free Template] Text Messaging Policy for Your Campus

There’s no question about it: Text messaging is the most effective way to reach students. But does that mean you should dive in head first - and text students about this, that, and the other thing?
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